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This is the quick guide for Elemental Workshop II.
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Start point Search the bookcases in the Exam Centre's library and read a Beaten book Search the bookcases in the Exam Centre's library and read a Beaten book
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description Among the ancient scrolls and papers held at the Dig Site's Examination Centre, scholars have discovered more references to the mysterious elemental ore. Recently they have uncovered a beaten book detailing long-lost uses for this odd material.

Can you decrypt the code that will lead you to the deeper depths of the Elemental Workshop? Can you get your head around fixing the mind-bending machinery, or will you fry your brain in the attempt?

Length Medium
Items required



Enemies to defeat 2 Earth elementals (level 35)


Starting out

  • Go to the Exam Centre south of the Digsite. (varrock teleport then run east; or use a Digsite pendant/ teleport and walk south towards the exam centre.)
  • Search the most northeastern of the southeastern bookcases to find a beaten book.
  • Read the book, then read the scroll.
  • Keep the book.

The second key

  • Head back to the building with the Anvil in seers village and Enter the workshop using the battered key on the odd-looking wall (Like in Elemental Workshop Part 1).
  • Go north to the water elemental room and search the machinery on your left to get a key.
  • Go west and get 2 elemental ores by killing earth elementals. Get 1 extra if you want the mind shield.
  • Go south and smelt your ores into bars.
  • Go down the hatch in the center room with the key in your inventory and go down the stairs.

Making Repairs

The crane

  • Search the schematic crate to the south, take both schematics.
  • Go back upstairs and use one bar on the workbench to make an elemental claw.
  • Return downstairs and use the lever next to the schematics crate to lower the crane (West lever).
  • Use your claw on the old crane.

The junction box

Elemental Workshop II - junction pipe placement.png

  • Climb the stairs to the southwest to get on the catwalk.
  • Open the junction box to the west.
  • Click the pipe ends to arrange them as shown.

Pipes and cogs

  • Search all crates on the catwalk level and ground floor of the lower workshop until you find a small, medium, and large cog, as well as a pipe.
  • Use the pipe on the broken piping at the north end of the catwalk.
  • Use the cogs on the pins at the east side of the ground floor.
    • Small cog on upper left pin
    • Medium cog on lower left pin
    • Large cog on right pin.

Operating the machine

The crane

  • Place an elemental bar on the jig cart.
  • Use the lever by the schematics crate to raise the crane.
  • Rotate the crane with the south-eastern lever.
  • Pull the south-western lever twice to lower the crane into lava and back up.
  • Pull the south-eastern lever to rotate the crane over the cart.
  • Pull the south-western lever twice to lower the bar onto the cart and raise the crane.
  • Pull the nearby lever, north, under the yellow sign to move the cart.

The press

  • Pull the lever west of the spiral stairs to flatten the bar once the cart has stopped.
  • Pull the yellow sign lever again.

The water tank

  • Pull the northernmost lever.
  • Turn the corkscrew lever twice.
  • Pull the lever again.
  • Turn the western water valve twice.
  • Turn the eastern water valve twice.
  • Pull the lever.
  • Turn the corkscrew lever twice.
  • Pull the lever.
  • Pull the yellow sign lever again.


  • Pull the easternmost lever twice.
  • Pull the yellow sign lever again.

Finishing up

  • Collect your primed bar.
  • If you want a mind shield, place another elemental bar on the jig cart and do the process again.
  • Head down the stairs to the northwest.
  • Go through the eastern door, use your primed bar with the extractor gun, then operate the Extractor hat. Your magic level will be drained by 20.
  • Take your primed mind bar.
  • Do the process a second time if you wish to smith a mind shield.
  • Go upstairs and smith a mind helmet.

Quest complete!


Elemental Workshop II reward scroll.png


  • When you are downstairs in the corridor that has the mind door, a body door can be seen further down. This is a hint towards the Elemental Workshop III quest, which was released in RuneScape 3. The armour reward from it was a Body body.

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