Not to be confused with Elena Hosidius.

Civilian Kidnapped

Elena chathead

Elena is heavily involved in both the Plague City and Biohazard quests. In the former, you are to save her from her entrapment in West Ardougne. Though in the latter, you are to aid her deliver 3 different chemicals to a scientist in south-east Varrock. After Plague City, you may find her in her house in north-west of East Ardougne.


  • If you talk to Elena right after you've received the Plague sample and the three ingredients, during the Biohazard quest, you will have the option of telling her you find it difficult to say goodbye. In a response, Elena will tell you she has feelings for you too.
  • During Mourning's Ends Part I, Elena does not recognise you at first if you are wearing full Mourner clothing. Removing one article of clothing, such as the boots or cape, will cause her to recognise you instantly.

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