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This article is about the race. For the attackable NPC, see Elf warrior.

Elves are among the longest living races in Gielinor, the elves have witnessed the passing of the God Wars, and watched as other races were destroyed. They retreated beyond the mountains so many years ago. There are few scholars who know very little at all about the elves, and fewer still who are correct. The elves worship a strange deity called Seren, who communes with the crystal seeds that the elves use to build almost everything. Their society was riven several centuries ago, though, and now skirmishes often break out within the forest of Isafdar as the rebels fight to reclaim their lost lands.

The main settlement of elves is Prifddinas, a mighty city that dates from thousands of years ago, and is grown from crystal seeds. Although no human has ever entered its walls, there are rumours of its beauty and the genius of its architecture - rumours which are repeated throughout every text on Elven culture that has survived to make it to Varrock.

The rebel elves make a point of moving about, though their current settlement - the lodge at Lletya - has been a reliable base for some time now. No human knows how the civil war began, but all scholars agree that this could easily be the end of this once powerful race.