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This article is about the shield. For the quest item, see Elysian spirit shield (Monkey Madness II).

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The elysian spirit shield requires 75 Defence and 75 Prayer to wield. The shield is made by attaching an elysian sigil, a rare drop from the Corporeal Beast, to a blessed spirit shield. This process requires 90 Prayer and 85 Smithing. Players without the required skill levels to create the shield may ask Abbot Langley in the Edgeville Monastery to combine the sigil and the blessed spirit shield, for a fee of 1,500,000 coins.

This shield has superior Melee and Ranged defence bonuses to the arcane and spectral spirit shields, as well as a very powerful passive effect.

Passive effect

The shield's passive effect.

The elysian spirit shield has a 70% chance of reducing the damage the player receives by 25%. This does not apply to non-combat damage e.g. poison. The passive effect does stack with the Justiciar armour set effect.

The passive effect makes this shield one of the strongest shields in RuneScape. On average, players wielding this shield will take 17.5% (0.25*0.70) less damage. Taking the damage reduction and probability for it to occur, a player with 99 hitpoints would on average need to take 120 (99/0.825) damage to die.

Note the passive effect ONLY applies to standard damage. Damage from monster special attacks such as dragonfire, dark energy core or Summoned Souls are unaffected.

Healing effects such as the enchanted onyx bolt effect or Guthan's set are not reduced and will heal the full amount as if no damage was negated.

Concept art


  • The original incarnation of the elysian spirit shield in RuneScape 2 did not feature a unique animation when the passive effect occurred.
  • In classical Greek mythology, there is a realm in the Underworld called the Elysium Fields, or the Elysian Plains. This is the final resting place for the souls of the heroic and the virtuous. However, this was only present in the Tartarus domain of the underworld.
  • When Nieve is killed during Monkey Madness II, the player has the opportunity to retrieve her Elysian spirit shield, however those who do soon find out that it has crumbled to dust and is useless.