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The Emblem Trader is an NPC who runs the Bounty Hunter Store. His store sells various cosmetic items, such as abyssal whip and dark bow recolours, and useful items such as Ancient Magicks teleport tablets.

He can skull the player should they ask him to, and limit potential Bounty Hunter targets to those below level 10 Wilderness only.

He also wanders the Revenant Caves in search of ancient artefacts. Players can give him ancient artefacts to receive a large amount of coins. However, he will only accept them on the current official Bounty Hunter world (either world 318 or 319, depending on the rotation). This trader cannot open the Bounty Hunter store, as he states that it is too dangerous to do so.

Mysterious emblems

By taking mysterious emblems to the Emblem Trader, Bounty Hunter points are earned, with the amount of points given based on the tier of emblem given to him:

Emblem Points Emblem Points
Mysterious emblem.png Tier 1 50,000 Mysterious emblem (tier 6).png Tier 6 1,200,000
Mysterious emblem (tier 2).png Tier 2 100,000 Mysterious emblem (tier 7).png Tier 7 1,750,000
Mysterious emblem (tier 3).png Tier 3 200,000 Mysterious emblem (tier 8).png Tier 8 2,500,000
Mysterious emblem (tier 4).png Tier 4 400,000 Mysterious emblem (tier 9).png Tier 9 3,500,000
Mysterious emblem (tier 5).png Tier 5 750,000 Mysterious emblem (tier 10).png Tier 10 5,000,000

Ancient artefacts

Artefact Coins given GE Price
Ancient emblem.png Emblem 500,000 498,548
Ancient totem.png Totem 1,000,000 993,362
Ancient statuette.png Statuette 2,000,000 1,994,341
Ancient medallion.png Medallion 4,000,000 3,980,824
Ancient effigy.png Effigy 8,000,000 7,974,029
Ancient relic.png Relic 16,000,000 15,932,745


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