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An Emerald is a green gem used in Crafting and Fletching. An Uncut emerald can be cut by a player with level 27 crafting by using it with a Chisel, which grants 67.5 Crafting experience and makes the uncut emerald into an emerald. When used with a Furnace and jewellery mould, it can be used to make emerald Jewellery.

Cut emeralds can be used to make the following items:

Emerald jewellery
Crafting icon.png level Unenchanted Experience Enchanted
27 Emerald ring 55 Ring of dueling
29 Emerald necklace 60 Necklace of binding
30 Emerald bracelet 65 Castle wars bracelet
31 Emerald amulet 70 Amulet of defence
31 Pre-nature amulet 4 Amulet of nature

Shop locations

Cut emeralds can be bought at: