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{{Infobox Area
|name = Enchanted Valley
|image = [[File:Enchanted Valley.png|250px]]
|release = 11 July [[2006]]
|update = Fairy_Tale_II_-_Cure_a_Queen
|AKA = Enchanted Forest
|members = Yes
|kingdom = Unknown
|bank = None
|altar = None
|music = [[On the Wing]]
|leader = None
|tele = [[Fairy ring]] ({{fairycode|BKQ}})
|map = [[File:Enchanted Valley map.png‎|200px]]
The '''Enchanted Valley''' (also commonly known as the '''Enchanted Forest''') is a small, hidden place only accessible by the use of the [[fairy ring]] transportation system with code {{fairycode|BKQ}}. When a player appears in the valley, they will be standing behind a waterfall. The waterfall has a steep incline which can be walked down into the valley.
It contains the [[Wood Dryad]] and [[Centaur]]s, alongside attackable [[Rabbit]]s, and the creature unique to the Enchanted Valley, the [[Stag]]. In addition, if a player chops a tree here, a [[Tree spirit]] will '''always''' attack. Because of this, it is impossible to receive logs from any tree in the valley. The trees resemble [[Arctic pine]] trees. If you were to fish in the river, you'd come across [[River troll]]s. Mining any of the rocks would cause a [[Rock golem (monster)|Rock golem]] to attack. The combat level of the Tree spirits, River trolls, and Rock golems are based by your combat level.
The entire area is surrounded by what appears to be a very thick concentration of these trees, however, these trees do not have leaves covering the whole trunk and they somewhat resemble maple trees with arctic pine branches. A river, fed by the waterfall, leads to the south-east towards an unexplorable region.
Experience gains here are severely reduced, similar to the [[Abyss]].

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