The Enchanted Valley (also commonly known as Centaur Valley or Enchanted Forest) is a small, hidden place only accessible by the use of the fairy ring transportation system with code BKQ. When a player appears in the valley, they will be standing behind a waterfall. The waterfall has a steep incline which can be walked down into the valley.

It contains the Wood dryad and Centaurs, alongside attackable rabbits, and the creature unique to the Enchanted Valley, the stag. In addition, if a player chops a tree here, a Tree spirit will always attack. Because of this, it is impossible to receive logs from any tree in the valley. The trees resemble Arctic pine trees. If you were to fish in the river, you'd come across River trolls. Mining any of the rocks would cause a Rock golem to attack. The level of these enemies are determined by your own combat level.

The entire area is surrounded by what appears to be a very thick concentration of these trees, however, these trees do not have leaves covering the whole trunk and they somewhat resemble maple trees with arctic pine branches. A river, fed by the waterfall, leads to the south-east towards an (as of yet) unexplorable region.

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