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Eniola is a roving banker located just inside the entrance to Ourania Cave.

A payment of 20 runes of any type (excepting combination runes, such as Dust runes) is needed to access a bank account there. Payment is made by selecting the desired rune type using a special window that appears. This window shows all the rune types but the player can only select types for which they have the minimum 20 runes in their inventory. To reduce banking costs, it is recommended to pay with low value runes, such as mind runes and body runes.

This banker is normally used to retrieve pure essence to craft at the Ourania Altar. Players can speak to him to set up a quick-deal payment, allowing Eniola to automatically take 20 of a chosen rune without having to pay through the pre-banking interface.


  • Eniola reveals that the Bank of RuneScape is a neutral corporate entity, as shown by asking who he is and what he is doing near the altar.
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