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Start point Speak to Auguste on the island of Entrana. Speak to Auguste on the island of Entrana.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description On the peaceful island of Entrana, a lone monk has tired of his life of simplicity and quiet reflection. Auguste wants to boldly write his name in the history books; to craftily defeat the laws of physics; to miraculously sail through the air... preferably not to horribly explode into a ball of flaming death. Of course, to do all this, he'll need the help of a worldly adventurer: are you bold enough to merrily laugh in the face of the unknown?
Length Short - Medium
Items required NOTE: For Ironmen, a Willow seed is not required (although planting one beforehand is faster); players receive a Willow sapling from Auguste during the quest.


Enemies to defeat None


It is recommended to read ahead and bring the appropriate items to minimise the number of bank runs(Pest Control is the closest bank). The best strategy is to take all items except for the Willow branchesTinderbox, and Logs with you when you initially go to the island—then, bank once to get the branches, tinderbox, and logs.

Getting started

Required items: 3 Papyrus (bring 3 in total, 2 used later), 1 Ball of wool, 1 Full sack of potatoes and 1 Unlit candle.

  • Talk to Auguste on Entrana north of the Herblore shop (3 times) (Chat 111)
  • Use the Papyrus with the Ball of wool.
  • Use the unlit candle on the Balloon structure.
  • Talk to Auguste again.

The big balloon

Required items: 12 willow branches, 10 silk, 8 sacks of sand, yellow and red dye, a bowl, followed by 10 logs and a Tinderbox

In flight

Screen one

  • Drop a sandbag.
  • Burn a log.
  • Relax nine times.
  • Pull the red rope.
  • Relax twice.
  • Pull the brown rope.
  • Relax five times.

Screen two

  • Burn a log.
  • Relax once.
  • Burn a log.
  • Relax ten times.
  • Burn a log.
  • Relax five times.

Screen three

  • Relax 7 times.
  • Pull the red rope.
  • Pull the brown rope.
  • Relax three times.
  • Burn a log.
  • Relax 4 times.
  • Pull the brown rope.

Finishing up

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