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Estate agents are NPCs that sell players land to build Player-owned houses (POH) on, as well as decorating them and/or moving them. These agents can be found in several major cities: Varrock, Falador, Seers' Village, East Ardougne, and Hosidius House in Kourend. They are identified on the minimap by a symbol of a small house (Estate Agent icon). Players must pay 1,000 coins to purchase the first house in Rimmington, and begin training the Construction skill.

Estate agents also sell the Construction cape for 99,000 coins to anyone with a level 99 in Construction. The Construction cape is the only cape that may be bought from multiple NPCs.

House Styles

Estate agents can also redecorate the outside of a player's house for a fee. Along with a total redecoration of a house, each house style comes with a unique tune that plays upon entering the house.

These House Styles are irrespective of the location your house is in. For example you could have a Great Kourend house style while your POH is situated in Yanille.

Here is a list of all the house styles available:

Basic Wood Basic Stone Whitewashed
Deathly Mansion Fremennik-style
Tropical Wood Fancy Stone
Level Required 1 10 20 25 30 40 50
Cost 5,000 5,000 7,500 35,000 10,000 15,000 25,000
Areas the Styles
Rimmington Burthorpe Pollnivneach Great Kourend Rellekka Brimhaven Falador
POH Basic Wood
POH Basic Stone
POH Whitewashed Stone
POH Deathly Mansion Outside
POH Deathly Mansion Inside
POH Fremennik-Style Wood
POH Tropical Wood
POH Fancy Stone
Floor (inside)
POH Basic Wood Floor
POH Basic Stone Floor
POH Whitewashed Stone Floor
POH Deathly Mansion Floor
POH Fremennik-style Wood Floor
POH Tropical Wood Floor
POH Fancy Stone Floor
Flat Ground (outside)
POH Basic Stone Flat Ground
POH Basic Stone Flat Ground
POH Whitewashed Stone Flat Ground
POH Fremennik-style Wood Flat Ground
POH Basic Stone Flat Ground
POH Basic Stone Flat Ground
Textured Ground (outside)
POH Tropical Wood Ground Textured
POH Tropical Wood Ground Textured
POH Whitewashed Stone Textured Ground
POH Fremennik-style Wood Textured Ground
POH Tropical Wood Ground Textured
POH Tropical Wood Ground Textured
Walls (dungeon)
POH Basic Wood Dungeon Wall
POH Basic Stone Dungeon Wall
POH Whitewashed Stone Dungeon Wall
POH Fremennik-style Dungeon Wall-0
POH Tropical Wood Dungeon Wall-0
POH Fancy Stone Dungeon Wall
Floor (dungeon)
POH Basic Wood Dungeon Floor
POH Basic Stone Dungeon Floor
POH Whitewashed Stone Dungeon Floor
POH Fremennik-style Dungeon Floor
POH Tropical Wood Dungeon Floor
POH Fancy Stone Dungeon Floor

Relocating a house

Estate agents can move a POH from its starting location in Rimmington to any of the other house portal locations identified by the portal icon (House portal icon) on the minimap. These locations include Rimmington, Taverley, Pollnivneach, Great Kourend, Rellekka, Brimhaven, and Yanille.

Location Level Cost to move Map
Rimmington 1 5,000 POH location - Rimmington
Taverley 10 5,000 POH location - Taverley
Pollnivneach 20 7,500 POH location - Pollnivneach
Great Kourend[1] 25 8,750 POH location - Great Kourend
Rellekka 30 10,000 POH location - Rellekka
Brimhaven 40 15,000 POH location - Brimhaven
Yanille 50 25,000 POH location - Yanille
  1. To relocate your house to the Great Kourend, you must first visit the Estate Agent in Kourend located south of the Mess hall.


  • Estate agents wear a different model for the construction cape than what is available to players. Theirs don a blue circle above/behind the skill icon. This is most likely a graphical glitch.
  • Boosts can not be used to meet the level requirements.

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