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Evil Bob is an evil cat who lives on ScapeRune, and he is also the exact opposite of Bob the Jagex Cat. He wears a human speak amulet, which is how players are able to converse with him without the need for a Catspeak amulet.

Evil Bob is a random event that can teleport players either to his island or his prison in ScapeRune, which resembles the Falador Party Room.

A player completes the random event, taunting Evil Bob as he leaves.


When sent to Evil Bob's Island, players had to catch cooked fish and uncook them for Evil Bob. A servant would give you hints as to what to do to put Evil Bob to sleep. If the player feeds Evil Bob a fish from the wrong side of the island, he will watch them closer and the player will have to cook more fish to escape.

Successfully completing the fishing event will grant 650 Fishing experience or 650 Magic experience. If the player has an unboosted Magic level of 51+, it's a 50% chance of being Magic XP, otherwise it's Fishing XP (so as to avoid ruining pures).[1] After the player is teleported to their original position, they are prompted with the message:

"You feel somehow that you've become better at Fishing/Magic."


Main article: Prison Pete

When players were sent to the prison with Prison Pete, they would have to pop specific balloon animals in order to escape.


  • Several lines of dialogue are references to the 1967 TV series The Prisoner.
  • There is currently a glitch that takes place at the island where your inventory will disappear along with the fish you catch on the island. Simply log out, then log back in to finish the event.


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