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The Evil chicken's egg is a quest item for the Sir Amik Varze sub-quest of Recipe for Disaster. It can be obtained by killing the Evil Chicken. It is used with the incomplete brulee to make a brulee missing cinnamon.

To find the Evil Chicken, players must speak to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village. The Book on chickens, found on one of his shelves, has further information about the beast. The Evil Chicken's Lair can then be accessed by using a raw chicken (an undead raw chicken won't work) on the chicken shrine in northern Zanaris, near the fairy ring. Players should be prepared to be attacked by level 227 black dragons guarding the lair and should wear or use a protection against its breath. The Evil Chicken can be found in the back of the lair, and will drop the Evil chicken's egg when it is killed.

While the Destroy prompt may insinuate otherwise, all a player needs to do is enter the lair again and search the Evil Chicken's nest to get another egg; the Evil Chicken will not reappear nor will the player have to fight him again.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Evil Chicken 110 1 1; Always


  • The examine text "What came first, the chicken or..." refers to an old pondering.
  • When using the egg on the Evil Chicken's shrine, players receive a message that reads "Nice idea, but Nothing interesting happens."
  • The Evil Chicken used to drop normal eggs too, but they were removed to avoid confusion with the Evil chicken's egg.