Molly chathead

Evil twin is a random event in which the player is teleported into a room at an unknown location by Postie Pete, at the request of Molly. She claims her twin sister has been committing crimes around RuneScape, and she was being blamed for it. Although she has finally been able to capture her sister, she has also dragged several other female bystanders with her, and now she needs the player to help her separate her from the innocent bystanders.

Evil twin control panel

The control panel.

Her sister and the other women are in a large pen in the room next to the one Molly is in. Once you leave the first room, you can't see anything until your task is complete. However, clicking on the door will make Molly's chathead appear giving you a hint if you forgot what she looked like. The goal of this random event is for you to go the other room and use the controllers of a crane to choose the evil twin between the suspects. You get a maximum of two chances to choose the correct person. Once the evil twin has been successfully captured, Molly will reward the player with 2-5 uncut gems, up to diamond.

Prior to the random event rework, if you failed to choose the evil twin, you would be teleported to a random location in RuneScape with no reward.

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