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This is the quick guide for Fairytale II - Cure a Queen.
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Start point Talk to Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village Talk to Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village
Official difficulty Experienced
Description None
Length Medium
Items required


Enemies to defeat
  • Gorak (level 145)—possibly multiple


Unlocking Fairy Rings

The start point.

  • Take all required items with you.
  • Speak with Martin the Master Gardener in the Draynor Market. (Chat 2)
  • Wait 5 minutes (in-game time) and speak to Martin the Master Gardener again. (Chat 21)
  • Now make your way to Fairy Nuff's grotto in Zanaris just north of the bank.
  • Take Nuff's Healing certificate off the floor, right-click it and study it.
  • Talk to the Fairy chef just south of the bank.
  • Read the Rune temple sign just south of the Cosmic altar.
  • Talk to the Fairy Godfather in the throne room. (Chat 121)
  • Talk to the Co-ordinator just north of the throne room. (Chat 2)
  • Talk to Fairy Fixit near the fairy ring in Zanaris. (Chat 1) You can now use the fairy rings

Curing the Queen

  • Now, equip your Dramen staff, and teleport using the fairy ring in this order: air, dlr, djq, ajs - (Note: You can right click configure but you must have the certificate in your inventory)
  • Talk to Fairy Nuff and Fairy Very Wise in the NE corner of the area.
  • Go back to Zanaris and pickpocket the Fairy Godfather while him and his henchman aren't looking.
  • Go back to the hideout and give the Queen's secateurs to Fairy Nuff.
  • Travel to fairy code CKP. Wait here until a star flower has grown then pick it. (You must have Nuff's certificate with you for this to work.)
  • Travel to fairy code DIR. Kill a gorak and pick up its gorak claws.
  • Return to the hideout and talk to fairy Nuff (you must speak with her before making the potion, or it won't work on the Fairy Queen!)
  • Now use the star flower on your vial of water and grind the gorak claws to receive gorak claw powder, then use the two items on each other to make a magic essence potion.
  • Use the potion on the Fairy Queen.
  • Speak with the Fairy Queen.
Congratulations! Quest completed!


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