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Start point Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village. Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village.
Official difficulty Experienced
Description Recently, farmers around RuneScape have been noticing some trouble with their farming patches. They just don't seem to have the same yields as before. What could be the source of this malady?
Length Long
Items required
Enemies to defeat Tanglefoot (level 111)


Starting out

Items Required: None.

  • Return to the Draynor Village market and talk to Martin. (Chat 2)

Trouble in Zanaris

Items Required: Secateurs, Spade, Ghostspeak amulet, Dramen staff or Lunar staff, and one free inventory space.

Getting the Magic Secateurs

Items Required: 3 assigned items (see link), secateurs, Ghostspeak amulet. Optional: Ectophial (saves a lot of time).

  • Speak to Malignius Mortifer, the necromancer northwest of Port Sarim's rune shop. (Chat 2)(Note: If you already have the secateurs and Draynor skull, skip the next two steps and collect the three items.)
  • Buy secateurs from the farm shop to the north, travel to Draynor Manor, and use a spade on the grave north of the building, but within the fence to receive the Draynor skull.
  • Speak to Malignius Mortifer again to receive the list of three items. (Chat 2)

Note: Take a filled Druid pouch with you if you had to collect any edibles or the ghasts may turn them into Rotten food.

Battle the Tanglefoot

Items Required: Dramen staff, Magic secateurs, food, and armour.

  • Travel to Zanaris with your Magic secateurs and prepare for the Tanglefoot fight.
  • Run south of the wheat fields by the Cosmic altar and squeeze through the western wall gap.
  • Equip your Magic secateurs, run to the end of the tunnel, pray melee, and kill Tanglefoot.
  • Pick up the Queen's secateurs.

Finishing up

Items Required: Queen's secateurs.


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