Fancy-dress shop owner chathead

The Fancy-dress shop owner (real name, Asyff Bymajique) runs the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock. If you have Hunter furs or hides, he will make them into Hunter clothing for you for a small fee. He is also involved in the Eagles' Peak quest.


  • The fancy-dress shop owner may be based on a 1970's British children's cartoon series Mr. Benn. In the cartoon, there is a shopkeeper who wears nearly identical clothing and also runs a fancy dress shop. His name is a play on "as if by magic", the motto of the shopkeeper in Mr. Benn.
  • Unlike most members-only-but-in-free-to-play NPC's, he will not inform you that he can only be talked to in a member's world. Instead, a message will appear in the chatbox.
  • The shop owner is one of few humans with a non-standard height (he is taller than a dwarf, but shorter than a human).
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