Fancy Dan chathead.png

Fancy Dan is an NPC that represents the Gilded Smile, or red team for the Trouble Brewing minigame. People can join the red team by right clicking him and clicking Join-Game. The red team wears red pirate hats to represent their team.

A self-proclaimed world renowned pirate, Fancy Dan is the owner of Brewing Distillery on the north side of the island. San Fan owns the distillery on the south side of the island. They had worked together along with a group of pirates to make rum on Mos Le'Harmless after a zombie invasion at the rum distillery on Braindeath Island. However, following an unfortunate incident involving a barrel of gunpowder, the two have split their cooperative ways.


If certain conversations are initiated between Bill Teach, he will tell you that Fancy Dan says 'Arr' a lot. This proves quite true when talking to Fancy Dan for more than a second.

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