Father Aereck chathead

Father Aereck is a Saradominist priest who maintains the over 230-year-old church of Lumbridge called Lumbridge Chapel.

He is the person players must speak with to start The Restless Ghost quest.

He also plays a role in The Lost Tribe quest as one of the citizens of Lumbridge which you should speak to about the strange goings-on beneath Lumbridge Castle.

From his younger days, Father Aereck is friends with another priest named Father Urhney, who currently resides in the Lumbridge Swamp as a hermit. According to Urhney, Aereck always "gets himself into lots of problems", such as the instance when he "kept on getting stuck, up bell rope" when the two were priest initiates.

Treasure Trails

Aereck is the solution to the medium anagram clue: AREA CHEF TREK. The answer to his challenge scroll is 19[1].

  1. 20 if players failed to save Jarvis during the 2017 Hallowe'en event.
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