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Father Jean is a priest who performs sermons in the church near the Hosidius House bank in Great Kourend.

Speaking to him will reveal that a majority of citizens in the Hosidius House follow Saradomin, and that the founders of Great Kourend were Saradominists as well.

Visiting Jean is a potential step for easy clue scrolls.


  • Father Jean: Sorry, there will be no sermon today, but you may offer a prayer to Saradomin yourself.
  • Player: Do the people here mostly worship Saradomin?
    • Father Jean: Of course! Even before our forefathers founded Kourend, under King Rada I, they remembered the tumult of the times when the armies of the gods laid waste to the lands.
    • Father Jean: We thank Saradomin for the end of that violent Age, and pray that he will continue to defend us from the evil other gods.[sic]
    • Player: Okay, thanks.
  • Player: That's nice.