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Tirannwn Feldip Hills Karamja
Southern Sea

The Feldip Hills are positioned to the south of Yanille and south-east of the Castle Wars arena. The main city of Feldip Hills is Gu'Tanoth—to the west of Gu'Tanoth is Jiggig. Jiggig is filled with Zogres and Skogres. In the southern areas is a Hunter training area. After completing the quest Big Chompy Bird Hunting, the hunting area can be used to hunt chompy.


The Feldip Hills can be accessed using a variety of ways including:


The Feldip Hills has two quest start points of which are:

It is also involved with:


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The Feldip Hills hunting area is the only hunting area entitled "jungle". It is home to various Hunter creatures and the Hunting expert is located here, who is able to give you the Hunter skillcape when level 99 Hunter is achieved.