Fire Wave is the second strongest fire spell, which requires 75 Magic to cast and can deal up to 20 damage (50% damage increase when using the tome of fire for a base damage of 30).

Fire Wave requires 7 fire runes, 5 air runes, and 1 blood rune to cast. A staff of fire or a staff of air can be used as a substitute for either of the elemental runes, or a smoke battlestaff can be used as a substitute for both elemental runes.


Using Fire Wave together with a tome of fire, an occult necklace, and a full set of ancestral robes increases the maximum damage to 34, and to 39 if using the slayer helmet (i) as well.


Spell cost
7Fire rune5Air rune1Blood rune355
Combo runes
7Fire rune1Blood rune5Dust rune350
5Air rune1Blood rune7Lava rune348
1Blood rune7Smoke rune757
5Air rune1Blood rune7Steam rune789
7Fire rune1Blood rune5Mist rune800
7Fire rune1Blood runeStaff of air330
7Fire rune1Blood runeMist battlestaff330
7Fire rune1Blood runeDust battlestaff330
5Air rune1Blood runeTome of fire320
1Blood runeStaff of airTome of fire295
5Air rune1Blood runeLava battlestaff320
5Air rune1Blood runeSteam battlestaff320
1Blood runeMist battlestaffTome of fire295
1Blood runeDust battlestaffTome of fire295
5Air rune1Blood runeStaff of fire320
1Blood runeSmoke battlestaff295

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