This article is about the fishmonger in Rellekka. For the NPC selling fish in Miscellania and Etceteria, see Fishmonger.

Fish monger chathead.png

Fishmongers are men who sells fish in the Fremennik area. At level 42 Thieving, players may also steal from one of his three nearby stalls full of fish to receive 42 Thieving experience and either a raw salmon, tuna, or occasionally a lobster. The stall replenishes approximately every 10 seconds.

Players wishing to train Thieving easily may pickpocket Fremennik citizens at level 45 Thieving and then steal fish from the nearby stalls and cook them in the great hall to eat when their health gets low. After stealing from his stall, you can't sell back to him for a little bit (15-20 minutes).

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