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A fish pie is a recipe in Old School RuneScape. The dish is made by combining pastry dough, cooked cod, and cooked trout into a pie dish.


Each bite of a fish pie heals 6 health, and they also have the added effect of temporarily boosting the user's Fishing level by 3. Cooking a raw fish pie gives 164 experience.


To cook this dish, you will need trout, cod, raw potato, and pastry dough. You prepare the food with a pie dish, and you cook the pie on a range. The cooking level is 3, cooking experience is 164.

  1. Add some pastry dough to a pie dish to make a pie shell.
  2. Add a cooked trout, a cooked cod and a raw potato (in that order) to the pie shell to make a raw fish pie.
  3. Cook the raw fish pie on a range to turn it into a fish pie.

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