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This is a safe minigame.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.
The official world for Fishing Trawler is world 370 (P2P).

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Fishing Trawler is a Skill icon of Fishing, File:Fishing icon.png Fishing Link to Minigames minigame run by Chat head image of Murphy, File:Murphy chathead.png Murphy that players can play at Link to Port Khazard Port Khazard. Players need a minimum of level 15 Fishing to catch fish, but can board the ship otherwise at any level. Players board a trawler boat and work as a team to prevent the boat from sinking as they are sailed for 10 minutes around the sea. It can be overwhelming for a single player, so it is recommended to bring friends, a clan, or other experienced fishers.

The minigame is required to complete a task in the easy and elite versions of the Link to Ardougne Diary Ardougne Diary.


Playing the game

To begin, board the large ship directly north of Chat head image of Murphy, File:Murphy chathead.png Murphy and you'll be given a countdown.

Players will need to repair leaks in the sides of the boat with Item image of %7B%7B%3Aswamp+paste%7D%7D, File:swamp paste.png swamp paste and the fishing nets with Item image of %7B%7B%3Arope%7D%7D, File:rope.png rope when they get torn. It is recommended that each player brings about 150 Item image of %7B%7B%3Aswamp+paste%7D%7D, File:swamp paste.png swamp paste, 10 Item image of %7B%7B%3Arope%7D%7D, File:rope.png ropes, and one or more Item image of %7B%7B%3Abailing+bucket%7D%7D, File:bailing bucket.png bailing bucket depending on the size of the team. Perfect runs can be completed with a minimum of 30 Item image of %7B%7B%3Aswamp+paste%7D%7D, File:swamp paste.png swamp paste. Larger teams will experience far more leaks and torn nets than smaller teams, although it can be very advantageous to have a player stationed at each leak spot and several extra players to bail or fix the net. All the needed items are available in the Link to Port Khazard Port Khazard general store. Swamp paste can also be obtained more cheaply in the Link to Mort'ton Mort'ton building store.

An activity bar will determine players who are actively contributing to the minigame, which increases as the player performs actions that contribute to the group's progress. It takes 4 minutes of inactivity for the bar to drop from full to empty. Those who have their activity bar depleted will be removed from the trawler.

An alternative strategy is to mostly rely on bailing for maintaining activity. It is usually possible to fill 5-6 Item image of %7B%7B%3ABailing+bucket%7D%7D, File:Bailing bucket.png Bailing buckets in one period of flooding. This is a cheaper and easier method than patching the holes with Item image of %7B%7B%3Aswamp+paste%7D%7D, File:swamp paste.png swamp paste. On the other hand, it does require a team which also favours this strategy. This is often the case in world 370, but not always. The suggested Link to inventory inventory for this strategy would hold 6 Item image of %7B%7B%3ABailing+bucket%7D%7D, File:Bailing bucket.png Bailing buckets, Item image of %7B%7B%3Arope%7D%7D, File:rope.png ropes if you decide to fix the net and around 100 Item image of %7B%7B%3Aswamp+paste%7D%7D, File:swamp paste.png swamp paste. An average run would cost about 5-10 swamp paste, mostly used to secure a yellow activity bar at the start of the game.


Successful teams will be returned to the Port Khazard dock where they can inspect the trawler net for a reward of any saltwater fish they are able to catch up to their Fishing level. This is the only way for high level fishers to obtain Item image of %7B%7B%3Araw+sea+turtle%7D%7D, File:raw sea turtle.png raw sea turtles and Item image of %7B%7B%3Araw+manta+ray%7D%7D, File:raw manta ray.png raw manta rays, other than Drift Net fishing. Players who have completed the Elite Ardougne Diary will receive 50% more fish. Boosts cannot be used to obtain fish above the player's base level. A Link to bank chest bank chest just south of the net facilitates the return of a player's catch to the Link to bank bank.

The amount of fish received, per player, is equal to the "Total catch" number (displayed during gameplay) divided by the number of players who were playing the minigame. The type of fish caught from the minigame is dependent on the player's personal fishing level. These fish include:

In addition, players may also receive some "junk" items in their catches:

There is a 1/8 chance[1] that players will receive a piece of the Link to angler's outfit angler's outfit that they do not already own, which grants a small bonus to Skill icon of Fishing, File:Fishing icon.png Fishing experience while equipped. When a player receives a piece a message in the chat box will state in red, The luck of the sea is in today. You spot a piece of fishing gear caught up in the netting! If a player's inventory is full and they attempt to pick up an outfit piece the outfit piece will be lost!

There is also a flat 1/5,000 chance of receiving a Item image of %7B%7B%3Aheron%7D%7D, File:heron.png heron Link to pet pet upon a successful trip.

Unsuccessful teams will find themselves swimming above a sinking ship after the ship fills with water. They must climb onto a barrel in order to be returned to the shore north of Link to Port Khazard Port Khazard.

Other information

  • Item image of %7B%7B%3ASwamp+paste%7D%7D, File:Swamp paste.png Swamp paste is often lost when it is used to fill a hole while the screen is loading between "empty" and "water filled" ship types and when another player is filling the same hole. In both cases it will use a Item image of %7B%7B%3Aswamp+paste%7D%7D, File:swamp paste.png swamp paste but won't have any effect.
  • If the game finishes while the net is ripped, the player will receive a message that states "The smelly net is empty" instead of the usual fish or angler outfit rewards. No angler outfit pieces will be awarded if the game ends with a ripped net.
  • Camera sway can be disabled using the button in the top-right corner of your screen.


  • Prior to an update on 11 August 2016, Fishing Trawler forbade ironman accounts from participating. This was changed with the addition of an activity bar on the minigame.
  • After an update on 24 September Link to 2015 2015, the Link to Skillcape (emote) skillcape emote can no longer be performed during the activity.
  • After an unknown update, the Fishing Trawler was updated to stop people from using Link to High Level Alchemy High Level Alchemy during the activity.


  1. Jagex. Mod Kieren's Twitter account. 30 March 2016. Mod Kieren: "1/8 per game is the chance of receiving a piece. Will pick a piece you do not own."