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The Fishing cape is a Cape of Accomplishment that can be worn by a player who has 99 Fishing. It can be bought from the Master Fisher right outside the door into the Fishing Guild, north of Ardougne, for 99,000 coins along with its corresponding hood.

Like all skill capes, the Fishing cape gives +9 to all defensive stats, and also a +4 bonus to prayer if it is trimmed. The cape is automatically trimmed if a second skill is levelled to 99.

A player performing the Fishing cape's emote.

The Fishing cape provides unlimited teleports to either the Fishing Guild or Otto's Grotto. The teleport ability is available whilst the cape is in the inventory, equipped, or placed on the cape hanger. When teleporting to the Fishing Guild, the cape will teleport players inside the guild, just outside the house with the cooking range, unlike the skills necklace which teleports the player outside.

As of 20 April 2019, there are 36,338 current members that have achieved level 99 in Fishing.