Fishlike thing detail.png

The Fish-like thing is a strange, already-cooked fish that can only be fished from the coast of Evil Bob's island of ScapeRune. It is obtained from the fishing spot which the servant points out will make Evil Bob fall asleep. In the random event, the player must catch and then uncook the fish-like thing in one of the uncooking pots and give it to Evil Bob in order to escape. When the player catches this fish, below it will say, "You catch a... what is this?? Is this a fish?? And... it's cooked already??"


If the player tries to eat it, they are prompted with the message: "It looks vile and smells even worse. You're not eating that!"

After using it with the uncooking pot, it becomes a Raw fishlike thing which can be fed to Evil Bob. It cannot be uncooked in a regular log fire. It also cannot be recooked after being uncooked.

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