This article is about the NPC selling fish in Etceteria and Miscellania. For the NPC selling fish in Rellekka, see Fish monger.

Miscellania Etceteria

Fishmonger (Miscellania) chathead
Fishmonger (Etceteria) chathead

Fishmongers are men that run fish stalls and own fishing shops on Miscellania and Etceteria. One can be found in each of the island's markets.

Fishmongers sell items such as small fishing nets, fishing rods, feathers and bait. Their market stalls can also be stolen from at level 42 Thieving for 42 Thieving experience. As with all stall owners, if stolen from, they will not trade with the players for approximately 15 minutes. If spoken to, they will call for the nearby level 1 guards to attack. Stealing from this stall will also decrease your popularity with the citizens of the islands, which in turn makes the kingdom management options less effective.

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