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Fiyr Shades lurk behind the silver door in the Mort'ton Shade Catacombs. They initially appear as very dark moving shadows on the ground and then rise from the depths to attack or retaliate. On occasion they have also been known to leave their catacombs to attack trekkers and ramblers in the town above their dark burial place. Their remains can be cremated with Magic pyre logs or Redwood pyre logs, requiring a Firemaking level of 80 and 95 respectively. The Salve amulet and Salve amulet (e) work on Fiyr Shades but do not stack with the Black mask (i).



Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Fiyr remains.png Fiyr remains 1 Always 2,735

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  • During Temple Trekking, they are simply called Shades, though they still drop Fiyr Remains like usual.
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