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Flatpack are pre-packaged furniture built with the Construction skill, and are made at the Workbench in the Workshop of a player-owned house. Flatpacks allow players to construct the furniture inside their player-owned house without the necessary level required to construct the furniture. An example would be a level 42 builder adding a Costume room to his or her house, and then buying a level 50 toy box with a flatpack purchased from a higher-level builder. The level 42 builder may then take the flatpack toy box into his or her house in building mode, and use the flatpack on the toy box hotspot and the box is built, even though the house owner is not level 50. No experience is received when using a flatpack on a building hotspot.

Flatpack items can be constructed with building mode either on or off. A hammer and a saw are needed in your inventory to build flatpack items, and they are always built un-noted. Each flatpack takes 8 game ticks (4.8 seconds) to create. Creating flatpacks still requires the same amount of materials needed to construct the furniture at the hotspot. The advantage of making flatpack items is that there is no need to enter building mode or remove any furniture from a hotspot.

While flatpacks are tradeable, there is not much traffic in flatpack items, and they do not gain much money at the general store.


Image Workbench Level Details
Wooden workbench icon.png
Wooden workbench 17 Able to build level 1-20 flatpack items.
Oak workbench icon.png
Oak workbench 32 Able to build level 1-40 flatpack items.
Steel framed bench icon.png
Steel framed bench 46 Able to build level 1-60 flatpack items.
Bench with vice icon.png
Bench with vice 62 Able to build level 1-80 flatpack items.
Bench with lathe icon.png
Bench with lathe 77 Able to build ALL flatpack items.

Flatpack items


Item Level Flatpack Price
Crude wooden chair icon.png Crude wooden chair 1 Crude chair (flatpack).png Crude chair 179
Wooden chair icon.png Wooden chair 8 Wooden chair (flatpack).png Wooden chair 144
Rocking chair icon.png Rocking chair 14 Rocking chair (flatpack).png Rocking chair 10
Oak chair icon.png Oak chair 19 Oak chair (flatpack).png Oak chair 10
Oak armchair icon.png Oak armchair 26 Oak armchair (flatpack).png Oak armchair 12
Teak armchair icon.png Teak armchair 35 Teak armchair (flatpack).png Teak armchair 20
Mahogany armchair icon.png Mahogany armchair 50 Mahogany armchair (flatpack).png Mahogany armchair 311


Item Level Flatpack Price
Wooden bookcase icon.png Wooden bookcase 4 Bookcase (flatpack).png Wooden bookcase 1
Oak bookcase icon.png Oak bookcase 29 Oak bookcase (flatpack).png Oak bookcase 1
Mahogany bookcase icon.png Mahogany bookcase 40 Mahogany bookcase (flatpack).png Mahogany bookcase 20

Beer barrels

Item Level Flatpack Price
Beer barrel icon.png Beer barrel 7 Beer barrel (flatpack).png Beer barrel 26
Cider barrel icon.png Cider barrel 12 Cider barrel (flatpack).png Cider barrel 5,018
Asgarnian ale (barrel) icon.png Asgarnian ale 18 Asgarnian ale (flatpack).png Asgarnian ale 7,989
Greenman's ale (barrel) icon.png Greenman's ale 26 Greenman's ale (flatpack).png Greenman's ale 8,624
Dragon bitter (barrel) icon.png Dragon bitter 36 Dragon bitter (flatpack).png Dragon bitter 193
Chef's delight (barrel) icon.png Chef's delight 48 Chef's delight (flatpack).png Chef's delight 38,872

Kitchen tables

Item Level Flatpack Price
Kitchen table icon.png Kitchen table 12 Kitchen table (flatpack).png Kitchen table 1
Oak kitchen table icon.png Oak kitchen table 32 Oak kitchen table (flatpack).png Oak kitchen table 6
Teak kitchen table icon.png Teak kitchen table 52 Teak kitchen table (flatpack).png Teak kitchen table 137

Dining tables

Item Level Flatpack Price
Wood dining table icon.png Wood dining table 10 Wood dining table (flatpack).png Wood dining table 1
Oak dining table icon.png Oak dining table 22 Oak dining table (flatpack).png Oak dining table 3
Carved oak table icon.png Carved oak table 31 Carved oak table (flatpack).png Carved oak table 5
Teak table icon.png Teak table 38 Teak table (flatpack).png Teak table 1
Carved teak table icon.png Carved teak table 45 Carved teak table (flatpack).png Carved teak table 436
Mahogany table icon.png Mahogany table 52 Mahogany table (flatpack).png Mahogany table 11
Opulent table icon.png Opulent table 72 Opulent table (flatpack).png Opulent table 27,224

Dining benches

Item Level Flatpack Price
Wooden bench icon.png Wooden bench 10 Wooden bench (flatpack).png Wooden bench 18
Oak bench icon.png Oak bench 22 Oak bench (flatpack).png Oak bench 109
Carved oak bench icon.png Carved oak bench 31 Carved oak bench (flatpack).png Carved oak bench 30
Teak dining bench icon.png Teak dining bench 38 Teak dining bench (flatpack).png Teak dining bench 463
Carved teak bench icon.png Carved teak bench 44 Carved teak bench (flatpack).png Carved teak bench 487
Mahogany bench icon.png Mahogany bench 52 Mahogany bench (flatpack).png Mahogany bench 173
Gilded bench icon.png Gilded bench 61 Gilded bench (flatpack).png Gilded bench 247,651


Item Level Flatpack Price
Wooden bed icon.png Wooden bed 20 Wooden bed (flatpack).png Wooden bed 294
Oak bed icon.png Oak bed 30 Oak bed (flatpack).png Oak bed 983
Large oak bed icon.png Large oak bed 34 Large oak bed (flatpack).png Large oak bed 238
Teak bed icon.png Teak bed 40 Teak bed (flatpack).png Teak bed 777
Large teak bed icon.png Large teak bed 45 Large teak bed (flatpack).png Large teak bed 1,217
4-poster icon.png Four-poster 53 Four-poster bed (flatpack).png Four-poster bed 4,270
Gilded 4-poster icon.png Gilded four-poster 60 Gilded four-poster (flatpack).png Gilded four-poster 49,589


Item Level Flatpack Price
Shaving stand icon.png Shaving stand 21 Shaving stand (flatpack).png Shaving stand 11
Oak shaving stand icon.png Oak shaving stand 29 Oak shaving stand (flatpack).png Oak shaving stand 76
Oak dresser icon.png Oak dresser 37 Oak dresser (flatpack).png Oak dresser 113
Teak dresser icon.png Teak dresser 46 Teak dresser (flatpack).png Teak dresser 138
Fancy teak dresser icon.png Fancy teak dresser 56 Fancy teak dresser (flatpack).png Fancy teak dresser 269
Mahogany dresser icon.png Mahogany dresser 64 Mahogany dresser (flatpack).png Mahogany dresser 2,362
Gilded dresser icon.png Gilded dresser 74 Gilded dresser (flatpack).png Gilded dresser 30,380


Item Level Flatpack Price
Shoe box icon.png Shoe box 20 Shoe box (flatpack).png Shoe box 2
Oak drawers icon.png Oak drawers 27 Oak drawers (flatpack).png Oak drawers 16
Oak wardrobe icon.png Oak wardrobe 39 Oak wardrobe (flatpack).png Oak wardrobe 14
Teak drawers icon.png Teak drawers 51 Teak drawers (flatpack).png Teak drawers 70
Teak wardrobe icon.png Teak wardrobe 63 Teak wardrobe (flatpack).png Teak wardrobe 133
Mahogany wardrobe icon.png Mahogany wardrobe 75 Mahogany wardrobe (flatpack).png Mahogany wardrobe 1,650
Gilded wardrobe icon.png Gilded wardrobe 87 Gilded wardrobe (flatpack).png Gilded wardrobe 34,512


Item Level Flatpack Price
Oak clock icon.png Oak clock 25 Oak clock (flatpack).png Oak clock 273
Teak clock icon.png Teak clock 55 Teak clock (flatpack).png Teak clock 1,484
Gilded clock icon.png Gilded clock 85 Gilded clock (flatpack).png Gilded clock 5,295

Cape racks

Item Level Flatpack Price
Oak cape rack icon.png Oak cape rack 54 Oak cape rack (flatpack).png Oak cape rack 16
Teak cape rack icon.png Teak cape rack 63 Teak cape rack (flatpack).png Teak cape rack 34
Mahogany cape rack icon.png Mahogany cape rack 72 Mahogany cape rack (flatpack).png Mahogany cape rack 1,173
Gilded cape rack icon.png Gilded cape rack 81 Gilded cape rack (flatpack).png Gilded cape rack 6,829
Marble cape rack icon.png Marble cape rack 90 Marble cape rack (flatpack).png Marble cape rack 88,900
Magical cape rack icon.png Magical cape rack 99 Magic cape rack (flatpack).png Magic cape rack 161,344

Magic wardrobes

Item Level Flatpack Price
Oak magic wardrobe icon.png Oak magic wardrobe 42 Oak magic wardrobe (flatpack).png Oak magic wardrobe 13
Carved oak magic wardrobe icon.png Carved oak magic wardrobe 51 Carved oak magic wardrobe (flatpack).png Carved oak magic wardrobe 10
Teak magic wardrobe icon.png Teak magic wardrobe 60 Teak magic wardrobe (flatpack).png Teak magic wardrobe 68
Carved teak magic wardrobe icon.png Carved teak magic wardrobe 69 Carved teak magic wardrobe (flatpack).png Carved teak magic wardrobe 42
Mahogany magic wardrobe icon.png Mahogany magic wardrobe 78 Mahogany magic wardrobe (flatpack).png Mahogany magic wardrobe 552
Gilded magic wardrobe icon.png Gilded magic wardrobe 87 Gilded wardrobe (flatpack).png Gilded wardrobe 3,631
Marble magic wardrobe icon.png Marble magic wardrobe 96 Marble magic wardrobe (flatpack).png Marble magic wardrobe 243,807

Armour cases

Item Level Flatpack Price
Oak armour case icon.png Oak armour case 46 Oak armour case (flatpack).png Oak armour case 9
Teak armour case icon.png Teak armour case 64 Teak armour case (flatpack).png Teak armour case 74
Mahogany armour case icon.png Mahogany armour case 82 Mahogany armour case (flatpack).png Mahogany armour case 3,442

Treasure trail chests

Item Level Flatpack Price
Oak treasure chest icon.png Oak treasure chest 48 Oak treasure chest (flatpack).png Oak treasure chest 12
Teak treasure chest icon.png Teak treasure chest 66 Teak treasure chest (flatpack).png Teak treasure chest 77
Mahogany treasure chest icon.png Mahogany treasure chest 84 M. treasure chest (flatpack).png Mahogany treasure chest 4,134

Costume boxes

Item Level Flatpack Price
Oak fancy dress box icon.png Oak fancy dress box 44 Oak fancy dress box (flatpack).png Oak fancy dress box 10
Teak fancy dress box icon.png Teak fancy dress box 62 Teak fancy dress box (flatpack).png Teak fancy dress box 71
Mahogany fancy dress box icon.png Mahogany fancy dress box 80 Mahogany fancy dress box (flatpack).png Mahogany fancy dress box 2,804

Toy boxes

Item Level Flatpack Price
Oak toy box icon.png Oak toy box 50 Oak toy box (flatpack).png Oak toy box 14
Teak toy box icon.png Teak toy box 68 Teak toy box (flatpack).png Teak toy box 33
Mahogany toy box icon.png Mahogany toy box 86 Mahogany toy box (flatpack).png Mahogany toy box 7,371


Even though pieces of furniture from the study room cannot be made into a flatpack, the game cache reveals a flatpackable version of them. This may be the result of Jagex deciding that these items should not be made flatpackable for unknown reasons, but did not remove the code for the items before launch.

Upon the release of the Grand Exchange, players were able to submit buy offers for these items, but as they cannot be made in the workshop's workbench, the offers were never completed.

When asked about these items in a Q&A stream on March 24, 2016, Jagex Moderator Mod John C gave the following response:

There's a number of flatpacks that exist as objects in the game but you can't actually create them, because they were created when Construction was being developed as a skill way back in... 2005? 6? The flatpacks that exist were scrapped but the objects weren't deleted, so they made it into the live game... we could make them flatpackable, but there's no real benefit to it.
— Mod John C, Associate Producer

The items were then removed from the Grand Exchange in an update on 14 April 2016.

The prices shown here are the latest prices on the Grand Exchange before they were removed from the database on April 2016.


Icon Flatpack Item Level Price
Globe icon.png
Globe (flatpack).png
Globe 41 10
Ornamental globe icon.png
Ornamental globe (flatpack).png
Ornamental globe 50 50
Lunar globe icon.png
Lunar globe (flatpack).png
Lunar globe 59 100
Celestial globe icon.png
Celestial globe (flatpack).png
Celestial globe 68 450
Armillary sphere icon.png
Armillary sphere (flatpack).png
Armillary sphere 77 1,050
Small orrery icon.png
Small orrery (flatpack).png
Small orrery 86 3,060
Large orrery icon.png
Large orrery (flatpack).png
Large orrery 95 9,500


Icon Flatpack Item Level Price
Oak lectern icon.png
Oak lectern (flatpack).png
Oak lectern 40 25
Eagle lectern icon.png
Eagle lectern (flatpack).png
Eagle lectern 47 40
Demon lectern icon.png
Demon lectern (flatpack).png
Demon lectern 47 100
Teak eagle lectern icon.png
Teak eagle lectern (flatpack).png
Teak eagle lectern 57 419
Teak demon lectern icon.png
Teak demon lectern (flatpack).png
Teak demon lectern 57 408
Mahogany eagle lectern icon.png
Mahogany eagle (flatpack).png
Mahogany eagle lectern 67 1,380
Mahogany demon lectern icon.png
Mahogany demon (flatpack).png
Mahogany demon lectern 67 1,253

Crystal ball

Icon Flatpack Item Level Price
Crystal ball icon.png
Crystal ball (flatpack).png
Crystal ball 42 223
Elemental sphere icon.png
Elemental sphere (flatpack).png
Elemental sphere 54 760
Crystal of power icon.png
Crystal of power (flatpack).png
Crystal of power 66 4,995


Icon Flatpack Item Level Price
Wooden telescope icon.png
Wooden telescope (flatpack).png
Wooden telescope 44 10
Teak telescope icon.png
Teak telescope (flatpack).png
Teak telescope 64 100
Mahogany telescope icon.png
Mahogany telescope (flatpack).png
Mahogany telescope 84 701

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