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Flax is a plant that can be picked. Players with level 10 Crafting can use the picked flax on a spinning wheel to create a bow string, granting 15 Crafting experience. It is possible to pick multiple flax from one plant. Flax can also be spun via the Spin Flax spell.

Flax can be found in various places:

It is quite a useful item because once it is spun into a bow string, it can be used to string bows using Fletching, and bow strings sell for a fair bit. However, It is not very easy to sell flax for quick money, so players are advised to turn them into bow strings first to gain more money. It takes (with no armour equipped, and run turned on) approximately 75 seconds (non-stop) in Lumbridge Castle to spin an entire inventory of flax into bow strings.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Zulrah 725 1,000 (noted) 2; Common (1/25.6)
Baby impling N/A (hunter) 1 3; Uncommon
TzHaar-Hur 74 5–10 3; Uncommon
Kurask 106 100 (noted) 3; Uncommon


  • Arguably, the best place to pick flax would be in Lletya, because the flax field is very close to the bank, about 10 spaces away. The only downside is that the player has to begin Mourning's Ends Part I first to enter Lletya.
  • A great alternative is the flax found in Land's End. There are 5 flax plants right next to each other, and a deposit box and bank chest several steps away.
  • The field southeast of Seers' Village contains a spinning wheel on the way to the bank. This allows players to turn their flax into bow strings for Crafting experience and even more money.
  • The flax in Tree Gnome Stronghold is another option. While the flax plants are more spread apart, the bank is fairly close.
  • Flax can also be obtained through Managing Miscellania. The Throne of Miscellania quest is needed, however.
  • With high enough Combat levels, killing Zulrah is a good way to obtain tons of flax in a relatively short amount of time.