This article is about the Fletching skill. For information on training Fletching, see Fletching training.
Fletching is a skill which allows the player to create various types of ranged weapons and their ammunition. The products of this skill are primarily used in the combat skill, Ranged. It also provides some of the most popular materials used for High Alchemy, which is a commonly used method for training the Magic skill.

At a higher Fletching level, the skill can be trained without losing any coins, although a decent amount of working capital is very useful. Money can usually be generated at higher Fletching levels. Alternatively, it can be extremely fast with more expensive methods.

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Materials used

Fletchers use the following materials:


KnifeKnifeKnives are used to whittle wood into unstrung bows or arrow shafts. You can find one in the Lumbridge castle basement and are a item commonly found for sale in general stores.
ChiselChiselUsed to cut gems the second time into various types of bolt tips.
LogsLogsLogs may be obtained from chopping trees via the woodcutting skill.

Making weapons


Bow stringBow stringsBow strings are one of the materials used in making bows. They can be spun from flax using a Spinning Wheel and are commonly purchased from other players in large quantities.
FlaxFlaxFlax can be picked in Seers' Village and in the Taverley courtyard right next to the fountain. It can be spun into a bow string on a spinning wheel. There is a spinning wheel on the 2nd floor of the house north of the churchyard. Spinning flax gives 15 Crafting experience, and requires level 10 Crafting. Using the spinning wheel on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle is a favorite among players because of its proximity to the bank on the floor above.


Crossbow string
Crossbow stringsCrossbow strings are one of materials used to make crossbows. They can be spun from sinew and tree roots below magic trees.
Runite limbs
Metal LimbsSmithed from metal bars, metal limbs are used in the production of crossbows by using them with a crossbow stock. All limbs, except for Runite, are in stock by default at the crossbow stall in Keldagrim.
SinewSinew can be made by using a piece of raw beef with a range and choosing to make sinew.

Toxic blowpipe

Tanzanite fang
Tanzanite fangObtained as a rare drop from Zulrah. To make the fang into a Toxic blowpipe, use a chisel on the fang with level 53 fletching.


Ballista limbs
Ballista limbsBallista limbs can be obtained as a drop from Demonic gorillas.
Heavy frame
Ballista frameBallista frames can be obtained as a drop from Demonic gorillas.
Ballista spring
Ballista springBallista springs can be obtained as a drop from Demonic gorillas.
Monkey tail
Monkey tailMonkey tails can be obtained as a drop from Demonic gorillas.

Making projectiles


Rune arrowtips
ArrowtipsArrow heads can be bought in a ranging shop or smithed. 15 arrowtips are made from each bar.
Arrow shaft 5Arrow shaftsArrow shafts can be made by using a knife on some logs. 15 shafts are made from each pile of logs. Normal logs can be fletched into 15 arrow shafts, oak into 30, adding 15 additional shafts for each tier of logs higher.
FeatherFeathersFeathers can be acquired by killing chickens. Chickens have a chance of dropping 0, 5, 10, or 15 feathers. Feathers can also be bought in Shantay Pass. Shantay holds up to 500 feathers at a time, and feathers can be bought for a base price of 2 gold coins, as well as a 100 feather package for 200 coins.
Headless arrow
Headless arrows Combine feathers with arrow shafts. About 180 000 fletching experience per hour with maple logs while bankstanding. Buy materials from Grand exchange. A lot better experience than making maple longbows.
Steel arrow 5
Arrows Combine headless arrows with arrow heads.
Rune nailsNailsSmithed from metal bars, nails are used in the production of Brutal arrows, as well as for Construction.
Wolfbone arrowtips
Wolfbone arrowtipsThese can be made by using wolf bones with a chisel.


Barb bolttips
Barb bolttipsBarbed tips are rewards from the Ranging Guild minigame.
FeatherFeathersFeathers can be acquired by killing chickens. Chickens have a chance of dropping 0, 5, 10, or 15 feathers. Feathers can also be bought in Shantay Pass. Shantay holds up to 500 feathers at a time, and feathers can be bought for a base price of 2 gold coins, as well as a 100 feather package for 200 coins.
Dragonstone bolt tips 5Gem bolt tipsGem bolt tips are attached to unfinished bolts (with feathers already attached) to make gem tiped bolts. They can be made by using the gem with a chisel. Every gem in RuneScape, including the Shilo gems, can be made into gem tips.
Pearl bolt tips 5
Pearl bolt tipsPearl bolt tips can be made by using an oyster pearl with a chisel.
Runite bolts (unf) 5
Unfinished boltsUnfinished bolts can be smithed from metal bars. 10 Unfinished bolts are made from each bar.


Rune dart tip
Dart tipsDart tips can be smithed from metal bars. 10 are made from 1 bar.
FeatherFeathersFeathers can be acquired by killing chickens. Chickens drop an average of about five feathers each. Feathers can also be bought in Shantay Pass. Shantay holds up to 500 feathers at a time, and feathers can be bought for a base price of 2 gold coins, as well as a 100 feather package for 200 coins.


Rune javelin heads 5
Javelin headsJavelin heads can be smithed from metal bars.
Javelin shaft 5Javelin shaftsJavelin shafts can be made by using a knife on some logs. 15 shafts can be made from each pile of logs.

Making the items



To fletch bows, a player must use a knife on a log to whittle a short bow or long bow of that wood. Then, bow string must be attached to the unstrung bow. Bows, especially Yew longbows and Magic longbows, are frequently high alched as a means of income.

BowLevelHalf Exp
Oak shortbow2016.533
Oak longbow252550
Willow shortbow3533.366.6
Willow longbow4041.583
Maple shortbow5050100
Maple longbow5558.3116.6
Yew shortbow6567.5135
Yew longbow7075150
Magic shortbow8083.3166.6
Magic longbow8591.5183


To fletch crossbows, a player must make a crossbow stock out of a log using a knife. Then, metal limbs must be added using a hammer. Finally, a crossbow string must be added to the unstrung crossbow.

CrossbowLevelStocking expLimbs expStringing expTotal
Bronze crossbow9612624
Blurite crossbow2416321664
Iron crossbow3922442288
Steel crossbow46275424108
Mithril crossbow54326432128
Adamant crossbow61418241164
Rune crossbow695010050200
BallistaLevelLimbs expSpring expStringing expTotal
Light ballista471515300330
Heavy ballista723030600660


To fletch shields, players must have at least two logs in the inventory. The shields are used as the base for leather shields, which require Crafting levels to make.

Fletching the wooden shields grants the same amount of Fletching experience as fletching a full longbow of the same level.

Oak shield2750
Willow shield4283
Maple shield57116.5
Yew shield72150
Magic shield87183
Redwood shield92216



To fletch arrows, use a knife on logs to create arrow shafts. Each log yields a variable amount of arrow shafts. Add feathers and arrow heads.

Achey logs can be whittled into Ogre arrow shafts. Each achey log yields between 2 and 6 arrow shafts. Four feathers are needed for each shaft. The shafts may be tipped with wolf bone arrow heads or with nails. Ogre shafts tipped with nails are called "brutals" and are especially useful for killing Zogres. Any type of metal may be used for the nails.

The following table shows experience per item made, although 15 items are made at a time:

ArrowLevel NeededExperienceExperience for 15
Arrow shafts11/35
Headless arrows1115
Bronze arrows11⅓20
Ogre arrow shafts51.63.2-9.6 (2-6 shafts)
Wolfbone arrowtips52.55-15 (2-6 arrowtips)
Flighted ogre arrows50.913.5
Ogre arrows5115
Iron arrows152.537.5
Steel arrows30575
Mithril arrows457.5112.5
Broad arrows5210150
Adamant arrows6010150
Rune arrows7512.5187.5
Amethyst arrows8213.5202.5
Dragon arrows9015225


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Bolts are the standard ammunition for crossbows. They are created by combining unfinished bolts with feathers. One feather is consumed for every unfinished bolt and are finished bolts are created in stacks of 10. Finished bolts can be improved by adding bolt tips to them. For example Sapphire bolt tips can be attached to Mithril bolts to create Sapphire bolts. Improved bolts can be enchanted using the Enchant Crossbow Bolt spell.

The following table shows every type of bolt available:

BoltLevel NeededExperienceExperience for 10
Bronze bolts90.5 5
Opal bolts111.6 16
Blurite bolts241 10
Kebbit bolts264.77 28.6 (6 bolts)
Iron bolts391.5 15
Pearl bolts413.2 32
Long kebbit bolts427.95 47.7 (6 bolts)
Silver bolts432.5 25
Steel bolts463.5 35
Red topaz bolts483.9 39
Barbed bolts519.5 95
Mithril bolts545 50
Broad bolts553 30
Sapphire bolts564.7 47
Emerald bolts585.5 55
Mithril grapple5959 590
Adamantite bolts617 70
Ruby bolts636.3 63
Diamond bolts657 70
Runite bolts6910 100
Dragonstone bolts718.2 82
Onyx bolts739.4 94
Amethyst broad bolts 76 10.6 106


You can fletch darts by adding feathers to a smithed dart.

DartLevel NeededExperience Given
Bronze dart101.8
Iron dart223.8
Steel dart377.5
Mithril dart5211.2
Adamant dart6715
Rune dart8118.8
Dragon dart9525


Javelin are made by attatching javelin heads to javelin shafts.

ItemLevel NeededExperienceExp for 15
Javelin shaft31/35
Bronze javelin3115
Iron javelin17230
Steel javelin32575
Mithril javelin478120
Adamant javelin6210150
Rune javelin7712.4186
Amethyst javelin 84 13.5 202.5
Dragon javelin9215225


Level advancement

See Fletching training.

The best way to pick up Fletching is to buy arrow shafts & feathers and make headless arrows — far better exp/hr than making arrow shafts or shortbow (u)s. (At lower levels making darts, bolts, arrows and javelins are the better exp/hr and better gp/hr than making unstrung bows.)

LevelsItems to makeNotes
1 - 35 Arrow shafts The best way to pick up fletching is to grab a knife, which spawns where Cook's Assistant is started, and an axe and enter any woods. Since a large portion of the map is normal trees, the training area is wide. Arrow shafts stack, so proximity to a bank is no issue. It is best to continue with arrow shafts instead of switching to oak bows. Since the introduction of Construction, oak logs have been too expensive for simple training. Additionally, fletching several thousand arrow shafts at this point means that they will not have to be fletched later.You can gain money from this.(Around 2k logs needed)
22 - 53 Iron darts Fast experience. Requires Tourist trap quest.
35 - 40 Half willow shortbows Willow logs can be acquired easily for a reasonable price. Money loss can be minimised by selling the unstrung bows to shops. (Roughly about 450 willow logs will be needed.)
40 - 70Half willow longbows The medium level fletcher will make thousands of willow longbows. As with shortbows, they should not be strung, as cutting and stringing give the same exp but stringing can cost 6 times as much. Instead unfinished bows should be sold to shops. (Around 17k willow logs will be needed.)
52 - 99 Broad arrows 350 000 fletching experience per hour. Unlocking requires 300 slayer points.
70 - 85 Yew longbows Fletching yew longbows is the most popular method to gain fletching experience at this stage. Finally, it becomes cost effective to string the bows. Completed bows can be high alched for 768 coins or sold for less. Above level 70, you can train Fletching for free, as alchemizers who either do not have the levels or do not have the time trade raw materials for finished bows. Occasionally an alchemizer will also offer money as well, making it profitable. (Please note that if you want money, you are better to sell the bows and rebuy the supplies. This is often not cost effective however, as yew logs are difficult to obtain while hundreds of people make 'supps for longs' trades.
85 - 99 Yew or magic longbows Magic logs are more difficult to obtain, but provide greater experience. As completed magic longbows high alch for 1536 coins, the margin between items required to both fletch and high alch is better in comparison to yew long bows. Since both yew and magic longbows turn a profit when alched or sold, fletchers may choose to do either or both depending on availability of logs.

Random events

Players will encounter many random events while fletching; however, there are no random events that pertain to fletching.

Temporary boosts

Currently, the only known method to boost one's Fletching level is by eating orange spicy stews. However, the amount of boost is random.

As with all skills, your Fletching level will temporarily rise by one when a Fletching cape is worn. However, this requires level 99 Fletching to buy/wear.

Quests rewarding Fletching experience

Quest Experience
Fletching req. Other requirements
Big Chompy Bird Hunting2625 Fletching icon 30 Ranged icon, 30 Cooking icon
Animal Magnetism1,000 - 18 Slayer icon, 19 Crafting icon, 30 Ranged icon, 35 Woodcutting icon
Zogre Flesh Eaters2,000 30 Fletching icon 4 Smithing icon, 8 Herblore icon, 30 Ranged icon
The Fremennik Trials2,81225 Fletching icon 40 Woodcutting icon, 40 Crafting icon if crafting your own lyre
Devious Minds5,00050 Fletching icon 65 Smithing icon, 50 Runecrafting icon
Temple of Ikov8,000 - 42 Thieving icon, 40 Ranged icon
Total 19,074

Skill choice

Upon completing any of the following quests, players may choose to allocate experience to Fletching. These rewards usually come in the form of items, such as lamps or books, and are independent of any experience rewards directly received for completing the quest.

Quest Experience
Skills available Skill requirements
Client of Kourend500 twiceAny-
Fairytale II - Cure a Queen2,500 Any skill above 30 49 Farming icon, 57 Herblore icon
A Tail of Two Cats2,500 twice Any skill above 30 -
The Great Brain Robbery5,000 Any skill above 30 16 Crafting icon, 30 Construction icon, 50 Prayer icon
King's Ransom5,000 Any skill above 50 65 Defence icon
Darkness of Hallowvale2,000 three times Any skill above 30 5 Construction icon, 20 Mining icon, 22 Thieving icon, 32 Crafting icon, 33 Magic icon, 40 Strength icon
Curse of the Empty Lord
10,000 Any skill above 50 Some players will need 31 Prayer icon
The Tourist Trap4,650 twice Agility icon Fletching icon Smithing icon Thieving icon 10 Fletching icon, 20 Smithing icon
One Small Favour10,000 twice Any skill above 30 36 Agility icon, 25 Crafting icon, 18 Herblore icon, 30 Smithing icon
Recipe for Disaster
(The final battle)
20,000 Any skill above 50 175 Quest point icon, 48 Agility icon, 50 Mining icon, 53 Fishing icon, 53 Thieving icon, 25 Herblore icon, 59 Magic icon, 40 Smithing icon, 50 Firemaking icon, 40 Ranged icon, 40 Crafting icon, 10 Fletching icon, 10 Slayer icon, 36 Woodcutting icon
Total 83,800


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