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Flower seed refers to any seed used to grow flowers with the Farming skill. They are planted in a flower patch by using one flower seed on the patch. Flowers should be watered during its growing cycle to prevent getting diseased.

Some fully grown flowers have the ability to protect specific allotments from disease, eliminating the need for any watering. In order to protect growing allotments, they should not be picked up. Generally, most flowers will yield 1 flower when picked up.

List of flower seeds

Level Seed Protection Growth time [1] Experience Uses
Plant Check Harvest Total [2]
2 Marigold seed 5.png
Marigold seed
No 4×5 mins 8.5 N/A 47 55.5 Protecting potato, onion, tomato plants
11 Rosemary seed 5.png
Rosemary seed
No 4×5 mins 12 N/A 66.5 78.5
24 Nasturtium seed 5.png
Nasturtium seed
No 4×5 mins 19.5 N/A 111 130.5
25 Woad seed 5.png
Woad seed
No 4×5 mins 20.5 N/A 115.5 136 Making Blue dye
26 Limpwurt seed 5.png
Limpwurt seed
No 5×5 mins 21.5 18.5 120 160 (Super) Strength potion ingredient
  1. N×5 mins means the crop will grow a little and can be watered again for each 5 minutes. This happens N times until it is fully grown.
  2. Most flowers yield 1 flower when picked, but woad leaves and limpwurt roots will yield 3 leaves/roots.