Food in RuneScape is what enables the player to regain hitpoints, although some foods may have other effects as well. Food can be obtained through the Cooking skill, as a drop from certain monsters, from some random events such as the Sandwich lady random event, from other players, or from non-player characters.

There are several kinds of food, such as fish and meat, bread, cakespies, and pizza. Some foods, such as pies and pizzas, have two or more "bites" or "slices" meaning they can be eaten twice. There are also foods which can be grown with the Farming skill or found in some farm areas such as potatoes, cabbages, and onions. Lastly, there are holiday food items such as pumpkins and easter eggs. It is not advised to eat one of these holiday items due to their low availability and high price.

Common foods

These are commonly used food items. A complete list of cooked foods can be found under the Cooking skill.

Food Heals Members
Notes GP per heal[1]
ShrimpsShrimp3NoRequires level 1 Cooking and Fishing. Caught via small net fishing.8
Cooked chickenCooked chicken3NoRequires level 1 Cooking. Raw chicken is obtained by killing Chickens.19.67
Cooked meatCooked meat3NoRequires level 1 Cooking. Raw meat can be obtained by killing Cows or Giant rats.18.67
SardineSardine4NoRequires level 1 cooking and level 5 Fishing. Caught via bait fishing.2
BreadBread5NoBaked by players, see Cooking skill. Requires level 1 Cooking.24.4
HerringHerring5NoRequires level 5 Cooking and level 10 Fishing. Caught via bait fishing.1.6
MackerelMackerel6YesRequires level 10 Cooking and level 16 Fishing.

Caught via big net fishing.

Choc-iceChoc-ice6YesCan be bought from Rokuh in Nardah. 26.5
TroutTrout7NoRequires level 15 Cooking and level 20 Fishing. Caught via fly fishing.2.57
CodCod7YesRequires level 18 Cooking and level 23 Fishing.

Caught via big net fishing.

PikePike8NoRequires level 20 Cooking and level 25 Fishing.

Caught via bait fishing.

Roast beast meatRoast beast meat8YesRequires level 21 Cooking. An Iron spit must be used along with a fire to cook it.3
Pineapple punchPineapple punch9YesRequires level 8 Cooking. See Gnome cooking on how to make it.3.78
SalmonSalmon9NoRequires level 30 Fishing and level 25 Cooking. Caught via fly fishing.12.67
TunaTuna10NoRequires level 35 Fishing and level 30 Cooking. Caught by using a Harpoon.4.3
Jug of wineJug of wine11NoRequires level 35 Cooking. Upon consumption, Attack is temporarily decreased by a few points and leaves a jug behind.0.27
Rainbow fishRainbow fish11YesRequires level 38 Fishing and level 35 Cooking. Caught via fly fishing by using Stripy feathers.6.27
StewStew11NoRequires level 25 Cooking. Once eaten, the bowl remains in the inventory.11.18
CakeCake12/3NoBaked by players, see Cooking skill. Can be stolen from East Ardougne and Keldagrim Takes 3 bites to eat completely (each bite heals 4 hitpoints).16.17
PieMeat pie12/2NoBaked by players, see Cooking skill. Requires level 20 Cooking. Heals 6 hitpoints per bite.6.92
LobsterLobster12NoHighly popular among players. Requires level 40 Fishing and level 40 Cooking. Caught by using a Lobster pot.13.92
BassBass13YesRequires level 46 Fishing and level 43 Cooking. Caught via big net fishing.15.38
Plain pizzaPlain pizza14/2NoBaked by players, see cooking skill. Takes 2 bites to eat completely (each bite heals 7 hitpoints).43.71
SwordfishSwordfish14NoRequires level 50 Fishing and level 45 Cooking. Caught by using a Harpoon.23.14
Potato with butterPotato with butter14YesRequires level 39 Cooking. Made by using Pat of butter on a Baked potato.25.07
Apple pieApple pie14/2NoRequires 30 Cooking. Made by using an Cooking apple on a Pie shell to make a Uncooked apple pie and cooking it. Takes 2 bites to eat (each half healing 7 hitpoints).13.43
Chocolate cakeChocolate cake15/3NoRequires level 50 Cooking. Made by adding Chocolate dust to Cake.Takes 3 bites to eat (each healing 5 hitpoints). 1/3 Slice can be thieved from East Ardougne.20.13
Tangled toad's legsTangled toads' legs15YesRequires level 40 Cooking. See Gnome cooking on how to make it.207.8
Potato with cheesePotato with cheese16YesRequires level 47 Cooking. Made by using Cheese on a Potato with butter.25
Meat pizzaMeat pizza16/2NoRequires level 45 Cooking. Made by using Cooked meat or Cooked chicken on a Pizza. Takes 2 bites to eat completely (each bite healing 8 hitpoints).34.56
MonkfishMonkfish16YesRequires level 62 Fishing and level 62 Cooking. Caught via small net fishing in Piscatoris after the completion of the Swan Song.28.88
Anchovy pizzaAnchovy pizza18/2NoRequires level 55 Cooking. Made by using Anchovies on a Pizza. Takes 2 bites to eat completely (each bite healing 9 hitpoints).41.22
Cooked karambwanCooked karambwan18YesRequires level 65 Fishing and level 30 Cooking. A Karambwan vessel and completion of Tai Bwo Wannai Trio must be done to fish and cook it properly. This food is unique in that it can be eaten in the same tick as another piece of food, making it popular amongst player killers and players looking to fight certain bosses that can combo a player to death.30.22
CurryCurry19YesRequires 60 cooking. Commonly used in Chaos Elemental fights. Once eaten, a bowl remains in the inventory.51.26
Ugthanki kebabUgthanki kebab19YesRequires level 58 Cooking. The player's character will utter a random phrase of contentment, such as "Lovely!", "Scrummy!", "Delicious!" or "Yum!" on eating.42.84
Mushroom potatoMushroom potato20YesRequires level 64 Cooking. Made by adding a mushroom and onion to a potato with butter.44.9
SharkShark20YesHighly popular among members. Requires level 76 Fishing and level 80 Cooking. Caught by using a Harpoon.46.05
Sea turtleSea turtle21YesRequires level 82 Cooking. Can only be obtained from the Fishing Trawler minigame.49.43
Pineapple pizzaPineapple pizza22/2YesRequires level 65 Cooking. Takes 2 bites to eat completely (each bite heals 11 hitpoints).40.27
Summer pieSummer pie22/2YesRequires level 95 Cooking. Takes 2 bites to eat completely (each bite heals 11 hitpoints, boosts your Agility level by 5, and restores 10% run energy). Each bite takes 0.6 seconds each to eat, but eating most food such as shark or manta ray will take 1.8. They are also weightless. 66.14
Manta rayManta ray22YesRequires level 91 Cooking. Can only be obtained from the Fishing Trawler minigame, Zulrah and Vorkath.51.05
Tuna potatoTuna potato22YesRequires level 68 Cooking. Made by combining Tuna and corn with a Potato with butter.52.59
Dark crabDark crab22YesRequires level 85 Fishing and level 90 Cooking. Caught by using a Lobster pot with Dark fishing bait. Can only be fished in the Wilderness and the Resource Area.54.36
AnglerfishAnglerfishVaries (Up to 22)YesRequires level 84 Cooking. Caught by using a fishing rod with sandworms at level 82 Fishing and 100% favour with the Piscarilius House. Healing dependent on the player's Hitpoints level and can boost hitpoints above one's maximum equal to the amount it heals.525.67 - 71.68
Strawberries(5)Basket of strawberriesVaries (up to 30)YesContains 5 strawberries, each of which heals 1-6 hitpoints (6% of hp rounded up).174.2 - 29.03
Saradomin brew(4)Saradomin brewVaries (up to 64)/4YesDrank in 4 sips, each healing you 15% your hitpoints level plus 2 and can boost hitpoints above one's maximum. Very expensive and lowers offensive stats, necessitating the use of Restore/Super restore potions. It is not considered food as it is a potion made with the Herblore skill. Commonly used in boss battles.433 - 81.19
  1. GP per heal on food that take multiple bites indicate the total hp healed, rather than per bite or dose.


When selecting the right food for your next venture, two things should be thought about.

  • Effectiveness: Ensure that the food you take is good enough for your next encounter. Tuna is cheap but it only heals 10 hitpoints, making it not the most effective against stronger opponents, whereas swordfish heal 14 hitpoints, a major difference. Also, if you know exactly what you're going to be facing, you should try to find food that heals for more than their max hit. As an example, a TzHaar-Ket has a max hit of 16. Therefore, sharks and monkfish are effective, swordfish are passable, and lobsters are much less effective.
  • Cost: Use food that you can afford. Sharks are often sold by players for around 921, whereas monkfish are just as effective in many situations and typically sell for 462 coins. Weigh the cost of food against the possible profit of the venture, and avoid using expensive food unless it is going to make a significant difference to your chance of survival.

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