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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
| interwiki = {{External|rs|rsc=Shipyard_foreman}}
|name = Foreman
|assigned = No
|image = [[File:Foreman.png]]
|release = 12 December [[2002]]
|update = Agility skill online
|level = 23
|hp = 20
|experience = 106
|slaylvl = No
|members = Yes
|aggressive = No
|poisonous = No
|immune to poison = No
|attack style = [[Melee]]
|max hit =
|weakness =
|always drops = [[Bones]]
|examine = The boss!
|attack speed = 5
[[File:Foreman chathead.png|left]]
The '''foreman''' looks after the [[Ship Yard]] on [[Karamja]]. He can be found walking around on the southern tip of the docks.
During [[The Grand Tree]], players need to either talk to him or kill him to get the [[lumber order]]. His [[combat level]] is 23. If the player decides to talk to him, he will ask three questions to which players must answer correctly to proceed.
Q. How is Glough's wife?
:A. She is no longer with us.
Q. What is Glough's favourite food?
:A. Wormhole.
Q. What is his new girlfriend's name?
:A. Anita.
* His combat sounds and death cry are those of a [[gnome]].
* His [[respawn]] time is very fast, due to him being a [[quest]] [[NPC]], and thus players need to talk to him, which could be hard if someone continually killed him and he took a while to respawn.
* He gives an unusually small amount of combat experience when fighting.
{{The Grand Tree}}
[[Category:Quest NPCs]]

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