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Start point Quest point icon Talk to Commander Veldaban in the Dwarven Black Guard headquarters in Keldagrim.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf is part 2 in the Rise of the Red Axe series, focusing on the dwarves and their capital city of Keldagrim. After the events in The Giant Dwarf, the Red Axe mining company has departed the city and set up a new headquarters in a remote underground location.

Veldaban, the Commander of the Dwarven Black Guard in Keldagrim, wants you to investigate the case and find out if the Red Axe is planning anything nefarious. The problem is, the only lead he's got is an extremely drunken and kebab obsessed dwarf.

Use your farming and brewing abilities to your advantage, then prepare to be perplexed by puzzles as you follow the trail to the Red Axe...

Length Long (40+ minutes of waiting)
Items required


Enemies to defeat None


Starting out

Items required: 3 beers

  • Talk to Commander Veldaban in Keldagrim, just west of the bank. (Chat 211)
  • Buy 3 beers from the pub south of the drunken dwarf's house.
  • Speak to the drunken dwarf in the middle of East Keldagrim (northeast of the kebab shop) and give him a beer. (Chat 2)
  • Talk to him again. (Chat 2)

Getting the seeds

Items required: a random item (see full guide for details), beer, Dwarven stout (spawns on the table)

  • Speak to the rowdy dwarf outside the East Keldagrim pub, he will request a random item. Get it and bring it to him.
  • Talk to Khorvak in the pub under White Wolf Mountain (use the minecarts, south track). (Dwarven stout spawn on table) Give him a dwarven stout to get the seed. (Chat 1)
  • (Optional) Buy a ticket from the cart conductor for 100 coins (50 if Ring of charos is used) to get back to Keldagrim
  • Talk to Gauss in the bar south of the bank (western side of Keldagrim). Give him cheers with another beer.

Planting the crops

Items required: rake, Kelda seeds, seed dibber

  • Go just west of the market in west Keldagrim and talk to Rind the gardener.
  • Plant the kelda seeds (there is a rake south of the patch).
  • They will grow in 5-20 minutes and cannot die, you will get a chat notification when ready.
  • Harvest the kelda hops.


Items required: 2 buckets of water, 2 barley malts, kelda hops, empty pot, empty beer glass, 25 coins

  • Go upstairs in the East Keldagrim pub.
  • Buy ale yeast from Blandebir for 25 coins. (Empty pot spawn can be found near the vat) (Chat 41)
  • Add to the vat add in order:
    • 2 buckets of water.
    • 2 barley malts.
    • Kelda hops.
    • Ale yeast.
  • Wait 5-20 minutes for the notification again.
  • Turn the valve and use an empty beer glass on the barrel.
  • Return to the drunken dwarf's house and talk about the Red Axe. (Chat 2)

Exploring the closed tunnel

  • Talk to the cart conductors in southeastern Keldagrim (southernmost cart conductor). (Chat 1)
    • Only one of them will let you ask about the closed-off tunnel.
  • Talk to the director of the mining company you joined in The Giant Dwarf. (Chat 3)
  • Return to the minecarts and ride the southernmost cart (no ticket necessary).

Room 1

  • Search the box.
  • Use the machinery.
  • Set up the path shown in the "Part 1" image.
  • Click OK and ride the cart to collect more stones.
  • Return on the cart then input the next path.
  • Collect the stones and return again.
  • Input the third path to move on to the next room.

Room 2

  • Watch the cutscene.

Room 3

  • Complete the puzzle in the same manner as the first one.

Room 4

  • Search the crates and bookshelves until you've read 3 documents relating to the Red Axe.

Room 5

  • Complete the puzzle in the same manner as the previous ones.

Room 6

  • Watch the cutscene.

Finishing up

  • Talk to Commander Veldaban.
  • Buy a kebab from the kebab shop in East Keldagrim if you don't already have one (north of the pub).
  • Buy a beer in the East Keldagrim pub if you don't already have one.
  • While in the pub (in the east side of Keldagrim) drink your beer and eat your kebab.

Quest complete!


Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf reward scroll

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