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Fortunato's Fine Wine is a shop run by Fortunato and located in Draynor Village's marketplace. Fortunato stocks bottles and jugs of wine, as well as jugs of vinegar, which are used in the Rag and Bone Man quest.

The shop can be thieved with a Thieving level of 22, and it gives you 27 experience per successful attempt. It takes 10 seconds for the stall to respawn its stock. Stealing from this stall is a good training method for lower-levelled players in busy worlds as it has a 100% success rate. If you wait for guard to go to the north of the stall then steal from it, he will try to attack you, but the stall and the bench will be in the way. The following can be received as loot (listed roughly from the most to the least common):


Note: The jug of vinegar can only be bought during the Rag and Bone Man and Rag and Bone Man II quests.

Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Jug of wine.png Jug of wine 5 1 0 3
Jug.png Jug 3 1 0 4
Empty jug pack.png Empty jug pack 5 140 ?? Not sold
Bottle of wine.png Bottle of wine 2 500 300 489
Jug of vinegar.png Jug of vinegar 500 1 ?? Not sold


  • The NPC Fortunato is a refrence to a short story called "The Cask of Amontillado" where Fortunato is lured into a wine cellar and is then sealed in until his death.
  • Fortunato is Italian for "the fortunate one".