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The Fountain of Rune expelling magical energy.

The Fountain of Rune is a magical rock that provides unlimited runes for use in spells. Casting a spell near the fountain will use no runes, but will not give any experience either.

Teleportation spells can be active whilst near the Fountain, but as it is in deep Wilderness, they cannot be used to teleport out of the Wilderness.

The fountain emerged from an underground tremor that caused it to erupt from the earth in the ruined fortress east of the Demonic Ruins.

Although free players can visit the Fountain they cannot use its unlimited runes power or its jewellery recharging features.

Players who have completed the hard tasks in the Wilderness Diary will be able to teleport here once per day using the Wilderness sword 3; players who have completed the elite tasks can teleport here infinitely using the Wilderness sword 4.

Recharging dragonstone jewellery

A player teleporting to the Fountain of Rune.

Members can charge their dragonstone jewellery (Amulet of glory, Skills necklace, combat bracelet) on the Fountain of Rune, provided they completed the quests required to charge them. Recharging amulets of glory requires the completion of Heroes' Quest, and recharging skills necklaces and combat bracelets require the completion of Legends' Quest. However, it is worth noting that upon charging a piece of jewellery on the Fountain of Rune, the piece will receive six charges, rather than the typical four charges from the jewellery's traditional charging stations. 

The Ring of wealth can only be charged at the Fountain of Rune, and will provide teleports to Miscellania, the Grand Exchange, Falador Park and Dondakan in the Keldagrim mine. Rings of wealth receive five charges.

In addition, while charging amulets of glory, there is a 1 in 25,000 chance that an amulet of glory (including its trimmed variant) will transmute into an amulet of eternal glory, which provides unlimited teleports rather than the usual six. When this occurs, a message in the chatbox will appear, stating The power of the fountain is transferred into an amulet of eternal glory. It will now have unlimited charges.