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[[Fishing]] uses two types of items, divided into consumables and equipment. Consumables are used up at the rate of one item for each fish caught and are [[Stackable items|stackable]], while the equipment is non-stackable and reusable.
*Net fishing: [[Small fishing net]], no consumable
*Bait fishing: [[Fishing rod]], [[fishing bait]]
*Fly fishing: [[Fly fishing rod]], [[feather]]s
*Harpooning: [[Harpoon]], no consumable
*Cage fishing: [[Lobster pot]], no consumable
== Fishing Table ==
{| class="wikitable"
! Raw
!Name !! Fishing
!Type !! Heals !! Notes
|[[File:Raw shrimps.png|Raw shrimps]]||[[File:Shrimps.png|Cooked shrimps.]]||[[Shrimps]]||1
|1||30||Net||3||Can be caught at seas.
|[[File:Raw sardine.png]]||[[File:Sardine.png]]||[[Sardines]]||5
|40||Bait||4||Can be caught at seas.
|[[File:Raw herring.png]]||[[File:Herring.png|Herring.png]]||[[Herring]]||10
|50||Bait||5||Can be caught at seas.
|[[File:Raw anchovies.png|Raw anchovies]]||[[File:Anchovies.png|Cooked anchovies]]||[[Anchovies]]||15
|30||Net||1||Can be caught at seas.
|[[File:Raw trout.png|Raw trout]]||[[File:Trout.png|Cooked trout]]||[[Trout]]||20
|70||Fly||7||Can be caught at rivers.
|[[File:Raw pike.png]]||[[File:Pike.png]]||[[Pike]]||25
|20||80||Bait||8||Can be caught at rivers.
|[[File:Raw salmon.png|Raw salmon]]||[[File:Salmon.png|Cooked salmon]]||[[Salmon]]||30
|25||90||Fly||9||Can be caught at rivers.
|[[File:Raw tuna.png|Raw tuna]]||[[File:Tuna.png|Cooked tuna]]||[[Tuna]]||35
|30||100||Harpoon||10||Can be caught at Karamja/Corsair Cove.
|[[File:Raw lobster.png|Raw lobster]]||[[File:Lobster.png|Cooked lobster]]||[[Lobster]]||40
|40||120||Pot||12||Can be caught at Karamja/Corsair Cove.
|[[File:Raw swordfish.png|Raw swordfish]]||[[File:Swordfish.png|Cooked swordfish]]||[[Swordfish]]||50
|45||140||Harpoon||14||Can be caught at Karamja/Corsair Cove.
==Levels 1 - 20 – [[Raw shrimps|Shrimp]] / [[Raw anchovies|Anchovies]]==
[[File:Raw shrimps.png|Raw shrimps]] [[File:Raw anchovies.png|Raw anchovies]] Net fish for [[shrimp]]. Good locations include:
*South of [[Draynor Village]] bank.
*South of the [[Al Kharid]] bank. (Beware of [ Scorpions], they wander around and will interrupt your fishing)
*South of the [[Lumbridge]] Graveyard near the [[Fishing tutor|Fishing Tutor]].
At level 15, you will begin to catch [[Raw anchovies|anchovies]] too.
* Starting experience - 0
* Experience needed - 4,470
* [[Raw shrimps|Shrimps]] needed - 447 (4,470 experience)
* [[Raw anchovies|Anchovies]] needed (from 15 to 20) - 139 (2,085 experience)
==Level 20-40/99 – [[Raw trout|Trout]] / [[Raw salmon|Salmon]]==
[[File:Raw trout.png|Raw trout]] [[File:Raw salmon.png|Raw salmon]] [[Fly fishing|Fly fish]] trout at either [[Barbarian Village]] or [[Lumbridge]]. Once you have reached level 30, you will begin catching [[Raw salmon|salmon]] and can expect to receive between 30,000 and 50,000 [[Fishing]] experience per hour. If you choose to drop your fish rather than bank them, you will gain slightly more experience per hour.
* Starting experience - 4,470
* Experience needed - 32,754
* [[Raw trout|Trout]] needed - 656 (32,800 experience)
* [[Raw salmon|Salmon]] needed (from 30-40) - 341 (23,870 experience)
Even past level 40, "powerfishing" [[trout]]/[[salmon]] is the best method of training [[Fishing]] all the way until level 99.
==Level 40-50 – [[Raw lobster|Lobster]]==
[[File:Raw lobster.png|Raw lobster]] Fish lobsters at [[Musa Point]]. Optionally, if you've completed [[Dragon Slayer]], you can use the [[Corsair Cove Resource Area]] to fish lobster. At level 50, it is better to catch [[swordfish]]/[[tuna]] instead as doing so will yield slightly better exp/hour. [[Lobsters]] provide better profit/hour than [[fly fishing]], but at the cost of reduced exp/hour (20,000 to 30,000, as opposed to 30,000 to 50,000)
* Starting experience - 37,270
* Experience needed - 37,224
* [[Raw lobster|Lobsters]] needed - 414 (37,224 experience)
==Level 50-99 – [[Raw swordfish|Swordfish]] / [[Raw tuna|Tuna]]==
[[File:Raw swordfish.png|Raw swordfish]] [[File:Raw tuna.png|Raw tuna]] [[Harpoon]] [[Swordfish]] at [[Musa Point]]. Optionally, if you've completed [[Dragon Slayer]], you can use the [[Corsair Cove Resource Area]] to harpoon fish. You will also catch [[Raw tuna|tuna]], which you should drop. This method will yield up to 30,000 experience per hour.
* Starting experience - 737,650
* Experience needed - 12,334,051
* [[Raw tuna|Tunas]] needed - 154,176 (12,334,080 experience) or
* [[Raw swordfish|Swordfish]] needed - 123,341 (12,334,100 experience).
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