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{{Training guides}}
{{Training guides}}

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This article is about the free-to-play guide. For the members' guide, see Pay-to-play Fishing training.


Fishing uses two types of items, divided into consumables and equipment. Consumables are used up at the rate of one item for each fish caught and are stackable, while the equipment is non-stackable and reusable.

Levels 1 - 20 – Shrimp

Net fish for shrimp. Good locations include:

At level 15, you will begin to catch anchovies too.

Level 20-40/99 – Trout/salmon

Fly fish trout at either Barbarian Village or Lumbridge. Once you have reached level 30, you will begin catching salmon and can expect to receive between 30,000 and 50,000 Fishing experience per hour. If you choose to drop your fish rather than bank them, you will gain slightly more experience per hour. At almost all levels past 20, "powerfishing" trout/salmon is one of the fastest methods of training Fishing.

Level 40-70/99 – Lobster

Fish lobsters at Musa Point. At level 70, it is better to catch swordfish/tuna instead as doing so will yield slightly better exp/hour. Lobsters provide better gp/hour than fly fishing, but at the cost of reduced exp/hour (20,000 to 30,000, as opposed to 30,000 to 50,000).

Level 70-99 – Swordfish/tuna

Harpoon swordfish at Musa Point. You will also catch tuna, which you should drop. This method will yield up to 30,000 experience per hour.

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