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{{Training guides}}
{{Training guides}}

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  • Training Mining typically involves training at a mine near a bank for the highest efficiency, and repeatedly mining rocks and banking/dropping the resultant ore.

Doric's Quest

Players are advised to start by completing Doric's Quest because doing so grants 1,300 Mining experience, enough to advance a player from level 1 Mining to level 10 Mining.


Level required Name Experience
1 Clay Clay 5
1 Copper ore Copper 17.5
1 Tin ore Tin 17.5
10 Blurite ore Blurite 17.5
15 Iron ore Iron 35
20 Silver ore Silver 40
30 Coal Coal 50
40 Gold ore Gold 65
55 Mithril ore Mithril 80
70 Adamantite ore Adamantite 95
85 Runite ore Runite 125

Levels 1-99

Levels 1-15 – Copper/tin ore

Copper oreTin ore The quickest way to get from level 1 to level 15 is by mining copper rocks and tin rocks, which grant 17.5 experience per ore mined. The easiest place to do this is at the south-east Lumbridge Swamp mining site. Alternatively players may seek out the mine south-east of Varrock yet it should be noted that this location is often heavily populated.

  • Experience needed: 2,411
  • Ores needed: 138

Levels 15-99 – Iron ore

Iron ore The quickest way to get from level 15 to level 99 is by mining iron rocks, which grant 35 experience per ore mined. This can be done in the Dwarven Mine or elsewhere.

  • Experience needed: 13,032,020
  • Ores needed: 372,344

Other methods

Level 85-99 – Runite ore

Runite ore Runite mining is a highly profitable, albeit extremely slow, route to achieving level 99 in Mining. Mining runite rocks grants 125 experience per ore minded.

  • Experience needed: 9,775,837
  • Ore needed: 78,207

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