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{{Training guides}}
{{Training guides}}

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This article is about the free-to-play guide. For the members' guide, see Pay-to-play Woodcutting training.


An axe is the tool required to train Woodcutting. There are many different types of axes available to free players, ranging from bronze to rune. It is recommended that players always use the best axe available at their level as a better axe improves woodcutting speed. Axes do not have to be wielded, although wielding one is best as it frees up an inventory space in a player's backpack. Axes can be wielded with the required Attack level for the metal they are made of. A Woodcutting level of 41 allows players to use rune axes, the best axe available to free players.


Level Name Exp per log
1 Logs Trees 25
15 Oak logs Oak trees 37.5
30 Willow logs Willow trees 67.5
60 Yew logs Yew trees 175

Levels 1-99

Levels 1-15 – Trees

Logs The best way to get from level 1 to level 15 is by cutting trees, which grant 25 experience for each log collected. Trees can be found throughout Gielinor.

  • Starting experience - 0
  • Experience needed - 2411
  • Logs needed - 97 (2,425 experience)

Levels 15-30 – Oak trees

Oak logs At level 15, players should switch to cutting oak trees, which grant 37.5 experience for each log collected. Oak trees can be found throughout Gielinor.

  • Starting experience - 2425
  • Experience needed - 10,938
  • Oak logs needed - 292 (10,950 experience)

Levels 30-99 – Willow trees

Willow logs At level 30, players can switch to cutting willow trees, which grant 67.5 experience for each log collected. The best place to chop willow trees is south-west of the bank in Draynor Village. Chopping willows is the fastest method of training Woodcutting available to free players.

  • Starting experience - 13,375
  • Experience needed - 13,021,056
  • Willow logs needed - 192,905 (13,021,087.5 experience)

Other methods

Levels 60-99 – Yew trees

Yew logs At level 60, players can switch to cutting yew trees, which grant 175 experience for each log collected. The best place to chop yew trees is the Varrock Palace grounds, immediately north of the palace itself, due to the location's proximity to the Grand Exchange. Chopping yews yields significantly less experience per hour than chopping willows. However, it also results in much greater profits.

  • Starting experience - 273,790
  • Experience needed - 12,760,641
  • Yew logs needed - 72,918 (12,760,650 experience)

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