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{{Infobox shop
|name = Fremennik Fur Trader
|image = [[File:Fremennik Fur Trader.png|300px]]
|map = [[File:Fur trader location.png]]
|release = 2 November [[2004]]
|update = The Fremennik Trials
|members = Yes
|location = [[Rellekka]]
|owner = [[Fur trader (Rellekka)|Fur trader]]
|special = [[Fur]]s
|icon = [[File:Fur trader icon.png]]
'''Fremennik Fur Trader''' is a [[fur]] shop owned by the [[Fur trader (Rellekka)|Rellekkan fur trader]]. It can be accessed by trading the fur trader, who keeps his stock on two [[stalls]] in [[Rellekka]] marketplace.
Stealing from the stall requires level 35 [[Thieving]], and, if successful, grants the player 36 Thieving [[experience]] and [[bear fur]] or [[grey wolf fur]]. The respawn time is about 10 seconds.
{{StoreLine|Name=Bear fur|Stock=3|Sell=12|Buy=9}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Grey wolf fur|Stock=3|Sell=60|Buy=47}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Polar kebbit fur|Stock=0|Sell=12|Buy=9}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Common kebbit fur|Stock=0|Sell=14|Buy=11}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Feldip weasel fur|Stock=0|Sell=16|Buy=13}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Desert devil fur|Stock=0|Sell=20|Buy=16}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Tatty larupia fur|Stock=0|Sell=72|Buy=57}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Larupia fur|Stock=0|Sell=96|Buy=76}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Tatty graahk fur|Stock=0|Sell=108|Buy=85}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Graahk fur|Stock=0|Sell=144|Buy=114}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Tatty kyatt fur|Stock=0|Sell=144|Buy=114}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Kyatt fur|Stock=0|Sell=192|Buy=152}}
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