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This article is about the shield used by Fremenniks. For the shield made during The Fremennik Isles, see Fremennik shield (The Fremennik Isles).

Fremennik shield detail.png

The Fremennik shield is a shield commonly worn by Fremennik warriors. To wield one, the player must have started the Fremennik Trials quest. They can be obtained as a monster drop from Fremennik market guardsdagannoths (only in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon) or Fremennik warriors. A Defence level of 30 is required to wield the shield.

The stats of the Fremennik Shield are identical to those of an adamant kiteshield.

Bardur, located in the Waterbirth Island dungeon, will trade you one shark for a Fremennik blade, a Fremennik shield or a Fremennik helm. However, it is usually more cost-effective to high-alch them, due to how out of the way Bardur is, and the value of sharks. This is still useful to players who are slaying dagannoths, as trading it for food can extend their trips.