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This article is about the shield made during The Fremennik Isles. For the shield worn by Fremenniks, see Fremennik shield.

Fremennik shield (The Fremennik Isles) detail.png

The Fremennik shield, also commonly called the Fremmenik roundshield, is a shield made of wood that requires level 25 Defence to wield. It can be made during and after completion of The Fremennik Isles quest with level 56 Woodcutting on the woodcutting stump near the bank in Neitiznot. This requires two arctic pine logs, a bronze nail, a rope, and a hammer in the inventory. Making the shield grants 34 Crafting experience.

Although this shield can only be created after reaching a certain point in the Fremennik Isles quest, it is not a wielding requirement, and it can be worn by players who have not started the quest.

It has a has a slightly higher ranged and crush defence compared to the Adamant Kiteshield, but much lower slash and stab defence. It also lowers ranged attack and magic attack more than the Adamant Kiteshield. Therefore, it is not commonly used by players with 30 or higher Defence. It is, however, a safe alternative to players who have 25 Defence, as its defensive stats are comparably higher to those of the Mithril Kiteshield.

This shield also greatly reduces the damage taken from the ice troll females' and thrower trolls' throwing rock attacks.