Frogland is a music track that is unlocked automatically.

Prior to an update on 11 September 2014, it was unlocked by ignoring the frogs that appear during the Kiss the frog random event, or refusing to kiss the frog princess or prince.


The track is a moderately fast paced song in the mode B♭ lydian. It has an overall bouncy feel that is contrasted by its chromatic chorus.

The track begins with its bouncy bass line that persists throughout the first section of the song. A consistent beat is held by unpitched percussion. The melody is played on the clarinet.

The chorus is much a juxtaposition to the verse; it features heavy use of the chromatic scale and switches from woodwind to string instruments as the feature. Plucked strings play a chromatic scale from D down to A♭ three times before going down the scale for the entire octave. This repeats, however, slightly more emphasised with a stronger dynamic.

The original verse is repeated, this time with more musical embellishment. Blasts from a horn harmonise the melody, and scattered percussion may be heard. After this verse, a melody is played on the bassoon that mimics the original melody.

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