The fruit stall is a stall that can be found in front of Logava Gricoller's Cooking Supplies in the southern coast of Great Kourend's Hosidius House. In order to steal from the fruit stalls, players require 15% favour with the Hosidius House, along with level 25 in Thieving. Successfully stealing from the fruit stall grants the player 28.5 thieving experience.

Fruit Stall - trapping guard dogs

The fruit stalls found in front of Logava's shop, with the guard dogs trapped inside.

The stalls are guarded by level-44 guard dogs, who will attack if they catch the player attempting to steal from the fruit stalls. Players can alleviate this by attacking the dogs, luring them into the store, and closing the doors.


The probabilities in this section are an estimation based on the data of stealing from 1,776 fruit stalls.

Item Percentage Price
Cooking apple Cooking apple ~41.3% 86
Banana Banana ~19% 77
Strawberry Strawberry ~8.61% 175
Redberries Redberries ~4.3% 62
Jangerberries Jangerberries ~4.45% 310
Strange fruit Strange fruit ~5.41% 371
Lime Lime ~5.2% 82
Lemon Lemon ~4.61% 219
Pineapple Pineapple ~4.1% 292
Papaya fruit Papaya fruit ~1.5% 474
Golovanova fruit top Golovanova fruit top ~1.63% 334
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