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A Furnace is an interactive scenery object used in Smithing and Crafting. It is used to smelt various ores into metal bars.

A furnace is also needed for some Crafting purposes. With the appropriate mould and Crafting level required, players can use the furnace to craft gold bars into jewellery (e.g. rings, necklaces, bracelets, amulets) with or without gems. Players can also craft silver bars into holy symbols, tiaras, unholy symbols, or lightning rods depending on their Crafting level and the mould they have in their inventory. Players may also make molten glass by smelting soda ash and a bucket of sand.

Players with level 43 Magic may choose to use Superheat Item instead of furnaces for smelting, earning both Magic and Smithing experience, although this will prove costly as it requires 1 nature rune and 4 fire runes per bar. Superheat Item does not work for jewellery or melting glass.

The closest furnace to a bank is located in Edgeville, which beats the Neitiznot furnace (requiring The Fremennik Isles to be completed) by one square although there is hardly much of a difference. The Neitiznot furnace is slightly better because you don't have to move your camera or close your bank (click on furnace with bank open). The Al Kharid furnace is also very close to a bank. If you're a new player with limited teleport options, you can also use the furnace in Lumbridge, which is a bit north of the teleport area.


The following table shows locations that are labelled with a (Furnace icon.png) furnace icon on the world map and minimap.

Furnace location # of squares to bank Notes
Al-Kharid 30 This furnace is located just a little north of the bank. It is very close to a bank and is excellent for players with many ores in their bank. This used to be the best furnace until Edgeville furnace became available in F2P worlds and to all players.
Falador West bank: 39
East bank: 54
This furnace is located south of the centre. It is very close to both the east bank and the west bank. This is also a recommended furnace, though Al-Kharid's furnace is slightly closer to a bank.
Lumbridge Second floor: 85
Culinaromancer's Chest (members): 93
This furnace is located north of Lumbridge Castle. The next closest bank is in Lumbridge Castle.
Wilderness, Level 28 Unknown Located in the Wilderness at level 28, it is only useful for the mines in the Wilderness. However, players can also be killed by other players while using this furnace.
Members-only locations
East Ardougne North bank: 41
East bank: 64
This furnace is very close to a bank and is great if a player has many ores in their bank.
Burgh de Rott 31 This furnace is not a good place to smelt as it is quite a run from the bank, and there are no significant mining areas nearby.
Edgeville 14 This is currently the closest furnace (with the exception of the paid furnace in Shilo Village). As of 15 November 2018, it is accessible to all players. If wearing Varrock armour, players have a chance of smelting 2 bars at once for faster experience.
Entrana Unknown This furnace is mainly used in Crafting to make glass as all the materials are on the island. Bank is very far away.
Keldagrim Unknown The Giant Dwarf quest is needed to have been started or completed to enter the city. The furnace is actually Blast Furnace minigame. 2500 coins are needed to use it (if you are not above level 60 smithing). The upside is it uses half as much coal to make high level metal bars.
Zanaris Unknown The Lost City quest has to be completed to enter this fairy city. A bank is not very close.
Port Phasmatys 17 The fourth closest furnace to a bank in RuneScape. Wearing a Ghostspeak amulet or Morytania legs 2 or higher speeds up banking but is not required.
Rellekka Unknown Usable after completing the quest The Fremennik Trials. A bank is a long walk away, but this furnace is the closest to an anvil in all of RuneScape.
Shilo Village 11 The Shilo Village quest is required to enter the village. Technically the closest to a bank but players must pay 20 coins to use it, but players do not have to pay everytime as they can deposit coins with the near by NPC, unless they possess the Karamja gloves 4.
Tyras Camp Unknown A really long walk away from a bank. This furnace is the farthest from a bank, and as such, is almost never used.
Mor Ul Rek 25 Is actually a lava forge but has the same options as furnace. Bank is near.
Neitiznot 15 Although this is the 3rd closest furnace to a bank, it is actually the best to use because you don't have to move your camera when smelting or banking, which makes it very good for OSRS Mobile users, Experience rates are on par with Edgeville furnace.
Piscatoris 22 Quite close to a bank. Swan Song is required.

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