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Start point Speak to Ellamaria in the garden of Varrock Palace. Speak to Ellamaria in the garden of Varrock Palace.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description 'Queen of Varrock seeks experienced gardener to help construct a garden of peace and serenity as surprise for husband.

Only serious Farmers need apply. Peasants welcome (although not that welcome). Tools not supplied.

Please note: under no circumstances are the contents of this message to be disclosed to Rollie – um, one means King Roald.'

Length Long (Must wait for several crops to grow)
Items required


Enemies to defeat None


Starting out

  • Talk to Ellamaria at the garden east of Varrock palace. (Chat 1)
  • Talk to Ellamaria again to obtain the trolley. (Chat 1)
  • Talk to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village with the ring of charos. (Chat 1)
  • Quiz answers:
    • Show them a range of colours so that they can come to a compromise.
    • Take his generous gift even though you have no need for it.
    • It's absolutely, unquestionably the most interesting thing I've ever done!
    • Put on the silly helmet and jump into the cannon.
    • You of course Pkmaster0036, no one could ever challenge your greatness!
    • Ask me nicely and I might consider it.
    • No, especially not that wise old man, who doesn't look at all suspicious.

Gathering seeds

  • See to the survival of your crops as you see fit.
  • Always have on you: A rake, seed dibber, spade, secateurs, watering can, gardening trowel, and ring of charos(a).
  • Equip the ring of charos(a).

Elstan south of Falador

Item required: a marigold seed

  • Talk to Elstan. (Chat 123221)
  • Grow marigolds in the patch.
  • Once grown, give them to Elstan for the delphinium seeds

Lyra north-west of Port Phasmatys

Items required: 3-6 onion seeds

  • Talk to Lyra. (Chat 122222221)
  • Grow onions (both patches reduce chance of failure).
  • Once grown, talk to Lyra for the orchid seeds. (Chat 1)

Kragen north of Ardougne

Items required: 3-6 cabbage seeds

  • Talk to Kragen. (Chat 1222221)
  • Grow cabbages (both patches reduce chance of failure).
  • Once grown, talk to Kragen for the snowdrop seeds. (Chat 1)

Dantaera in Catherby

Item required: secateurs, Gardening trowel, a filled plant pot (can be bought from the nearby store), a filled watering can

  • Talk to Dantaera. (Chat 1222)
  • Travel to Ice Mountain, next to Edgeville Monastery.
  • Use secateurs on the White Tree located on the northern part of the Ice Mountain.
  • Put the White Tree Shoot in your plant pot and water it.

Brother Althric at the Edgeville monastery

Item required: a fishing rod

  • Talk to Brother Althric. (Chat 2)
  • Run over to Edgeville and throw the ring of charos(a) down the well, then go and pick 4 seeds from the red, pink, and white roses from the monastery.
  • Retrieve your ring with a fishing rod or return to Fenkenstrain's Castle if you destroyed it.

Bernald behind the Burthorpe pub

Items required: a rune/pure essence, a hammer, 2 plant cures, a pestle and mortar and Ring of charos (a).

  • Talk to Bernald, while wearing ring of charos(a). (Chat 21)
  • Use 1 plant cure on the vines.
  • Talk to Bernald again.
  • Talk to Alain by the Taverley tree patch. (Chat 11)
  • Crush rune/pure essence with a hammer then grind the shards with a pestle and mortar.
  • Add this to the other plant cure and use it on the vines.
  • Talk to Bernald to get the vine seeds.

Returning to planted crops

  • Return to Elstan south of Falador, Lyra north-west of Port Phasmatys and Kragen north of Ardougne once your crops have grown.

Lumbridge Castle

  • Use the trolley on the statue of a king.
  • Push (or big push) the trolley east over the bridge then place it on the northern plinth in the garden.

Falador Square

  • Use the trolley on the statue.
  • Push the trolley north through the gate then place it on the southern plinth in the garden.


Items required: 2 buckets of compost or supercompost, a seed dibber, a rake, a spade, and Ring of charos (a).

  • Return to Ellamaria’s garden.
  • Fill the 2 plant pots with compost.
  • Plant everything. They take 10–15 minutes to grow and cannot die. (Make sure your White Tree Shoot is watered otherwise it won't work when you try to plant it.)
  • Talk to Ellamaria.
  • Talk to King Roald. (Chat 122)
    • Make sure you have the Ring of charos (a) equipped when talking to King Roald or he will not follow you.
  • Watch the cutscene.

Quest complete!


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Required for completing

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