Gardener Gunnhild chathead.png

Gardener Gunnhild is one of the subjects players must get support from in Throne of Miscellania. She is just outside the south-east corner of Miscellania Castle. She sells iron sickles and rakes for 15gp each.

You need her support during Throne of Miscellania; after the quest's completion, you can assist her to gain favour. Players usually choose to assist Gardener Gunnhild to increase their popularity since she's right on the way to Advisor Ghrim. Players need a rake to use on the flax/herb patch. Every weed weeded earns 1% popularity, or more if the Fremennik Medium Tasks are complete. Gardener Gunnhild is one of four residents whom you can assist to gain favour; the other three are Miner Magnus, Lumberjack Leif, and Fisherman Frodi.

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